11 Analytics Tools to Supercharge Your Small Business Social Media Marketing

//11 Analytics Tools to Supercharge Your Small Business Social Media Marketing

11 Analytics Tools to Supercharge Your Small Business Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media and online marketing, small business has huge disadvantage compared to big corporation. Small business does not have the resource or the capacity to have an entire team devoted to online marketing or the money to hire an agency to manage its online presence. There are many tools out there that are easy to use, simple to understand, and most important of all,  cost close to nothing. This is a list of really powerful social analytics tools that I use daily to manage my social media channels. Let me know if you are using other tools that are not mentioned here.


This is by far my favorite twitter analytics tool. Followerwonk allows you to analyze and track twitter followers from any twitter account. It offers great insights into when your twitter audience is online and integrates it with Buffer to schedule the best time for your tweets.
followerwonk best social media tool

You can also use it to find people or influencers to follow and engage. It is one of the most important tools I use regularly to gain more followers. I find twitter handles that are similar to me by searching keywords under “Search bios”, then I sort them by social authority to make sure that the people I follow have right social authority (aka, active on twitter), then I can just follow them right on the platform.

followerwonk social analytics tools

You can also analyze a specific influencer twitter account under “Analyze”, then a report will be generated. You can learn a lot of information about that specific account. The most useful thing I get from that report is to find either their followers or people they follow. I will then follow similar people because they will likely to follow back.


Klout used to be the standard way of measuring one’s social power on the internet. People do not take it as serious anymore, but it is still a pretty good indicator of one’s social influences online. I normally use it to measure my own social presence and make sure they go up over time. It’s just a good reminder if you start slacking off, and it’s time to spend more effort on social media marketing.

social media influence



Topsy, a better search engine for twitter. Although Google has started to incorporate tweets in its search results, it is still nowhere close to all the tweets out there. Topsy has been my absolute favorite when it comes to searching on twitter. You can always just search on twitter itself, but Topsy gives a lot more segmentation and analysis. You can filter results based on time, days and even weeks. Topsy also provides a sentiment score which evaluates all the tweets for that keywords to determine whether they are mostly positive or negative.

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topsy twitter search tool


Fan Page Karma

This is a paid tool for doing really in depth analysis for your Facebook page. I have not use it personally but I have heard really good words about the tool. Insights include analysis of content, top posts, most engaging keywords, hashtags, post time, post type, influencer engagement…etc. If Facebook is your major social media channel, then you should definitely invest in this tool.
In addition to generating really clear reports on Facebook, Twitter and the latest Youtube, Fanpage Karma also benchmark your company’s Facebook page against your competitor’s pages.

benchmarking tool



A very simple and comprehensive tool to do hashtag and brand monitoring. It searches across major social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

tagboard analytics

You can use it to monitor both non brand keywords and brand keywords. But I recommend using it to monitor brand keywords. These should be your name or your website name, make sure to include different variations as well.
Make sure you spend 1 or 2 mins checking it, and you won’t miss any mentioning of your brand on major social networks. Also don’t forget to response and engage when there are mentions.


Buffer is more of a social scheduling tool than a social analytics tool. But it provides a pretty useful and comprehensive statistics on the performance of your tweets and your posts. It also measures your follower gain over time. I use it every day to schedule tweets and posts across all of my social channels. One of the most useful features is its analytics on posts. I can see the most effective tweets or posts, it further breaks down to most retweets, most favorites, most replies, most clicks, most reach. I usually look at the most popular tweets in the post weeks, and I can quickly reschedule these by clicking on “rebuffer this post” and it will be automatically added to my queue. Overall, it is one of my favorite social media management tools out there in the market. Easy, simple and effective.

social analytics tools


In addition to the fairly standard scheduling and posting features, Viralheat offers in-depth analytics as well. It is used by many big companies. The tool rank followers and other users in order to provide you information on the influence of your and others accounts. You can device your influencer marketing strategy based on the analytics and information from Viralheat.
The report and interface is very simple and user friendly.

viralheat social analytics 2

I think the most important analytics feature from Viralheat is the ability to connect social media activities to your website performance and conversions.

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