11 Most Powerful Twitter Tips to Drive Traffic

//11 Most Powerful Twitter Tips to Drive Traffic

11 Most Powerful Twitter Tips to Drive Traffic

Of all the social media channels, Twitter has been the most effective for me at driving traffic back to my website and building my online brand.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not have any special algorithm that limits your tweets to only a small percentage of your engaged followers. So it is still a great platform for none paid traffic and brand exposure.

Throughout the years, I have been testing different tactics to grow my followers, increase engagement and drive traffic back to Siteber.

Take a look at the amount traffic from Twitter, compared with other social media platforms below (this is my last month metrics from GA). It is no brainer that Twitter has been driving the most traffic back to Siteber.

twitter google analytics

Twitter doesn’t work for all industries, for example, for most of the B2B companies, I still recommend LinkedIn as it is a much more formal and business friendly platform.

Enough introduction, let’s get started!

Top Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter

1. Tweeting “Buy this Product”

Just because you ask people to buy your product doesn’t mean people are actually going to buy it. Consumers today are very smart and they are not easily convince. If you keep selling, people would consider you spamming them and unfollow you or your brand.

2. Begging for Followers

Don’t beg for followers. Keep tweeting relevant and interesting things, and your audience will follow you if they like what you are saying.

3. Making Tweets Too Long

Keep your tweets around or less than 100 characters. Study shows that this is the engagement sweet spot for a tweet. This also allows other people to add their own input and still retweet your tweets.

4. Not Responding to @mentions

Always remember to respond to people when they mention you in their tweets to increase your engagement and to keep people coming back to you.

5. Tweeting the same Tweet All Day

If people keep seeing the same tweets from you, they are likely to unfollow you because they don’t find any value in following you anymore. However, some content is worth tweeting more than once, so just keep in mind, not to tweet the same thing over and over again.

6. Too Many Random Retweets

Anything you do on twitter reflects who you are. If you retweet, that likely means that you are supporting whatever the tweets standing for. So be careful when retweeting as well.

7. Too Many Hashtags

Right hashtags will help your tweets go further and help people discover your tweets. However, including too many hashtags look very spammy. General rule of thumb is to include 2 – 3 hashtags max in each tweet.

8. Starting a Tweet with someone’s username

Sometimes it’s alright to start a tweet with someone’s username/twitter handle if you want to speak to them directly and not wanting others to discover your tweet. Remember to add “.” If you must start with someone’s twitter handle.

9. Don’t share a link without context

People will not click on your link if they don’t know what your link is – so be sure to add context to the links you are sharing.

10. Tweeting the Full URL

Tweeting a full URL look very unprofessional. Use bit.ly or any other url shortener tool to shorten your urls before sharing.

11. Not Tweeting enough

Twitter is different from Facebook or LinkedIn. Life of a tweet is a lot shorter. So you need to tweet often to keep feeding the stream and keep tossing content into the Twitter torrent.

The Most Powerful Twitter Tips to Drive Traffic

Here are some of the most powerful tips that I use daily to drive tons of free traffic to my site.

1. Hashtags

This is no brainer. Everyone uses hashtags on Twitter. However, not everyone knows how to effectively use hashtags. Average tweets with two or more hashtags see a 21% higher engagement rate, however, if you include more than two hashtags, you will actually see a 17% decrease in engagement. So be careful how many hashtags to include when tweeting.

Here are some top tools you can use to find the right hashtags to include in your tweets:


2. Use Sharable Visuals

According to Buffer, tweets with images received 89% more favorites, and tweets with images received 18% more clicks than those without images. I highly recommend to include highly relevant and interest image to every tweet you make. Mini infographics, images containing quotes, or even generic but relevant images are all great to include.

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Here are some examples from my own twitter:

Gifs are fun to include as well. Head over to giphy.com to find a relevant and funny gif to include will make your tweet much more engaging and interesting.

3. @Mention Influencers

If you are sharing content that is written by an influencer, definitely mention the author when sharing. They are likely to respond when you mention them – either retweet or favorite your tweet.  If you have influencers within your followers, make sure to engage them as well. There are many ways to identify influencers, “Simply Measured” application is one tool that will help run the klout score of your followers and provide you with a list of people with high klout score. I personally use Followerwonk to easily identify influencers.

4. Write great headlines

Good headlines will help you get the clicks and retweets you need. There are millions of tweets every minutes and in order to stand out among them, you would need an exceptional headline to catch people’s attention. Studies have shown that you can increase your conversion rate on a link by up to 73% if you use a compelling headline.

Here are some top tips to help you craft compelling headlines.

  • What Your Audience Wants

Make sure you understand the needs and wants of your followers or people you want to reach. People click on your link hoping to get something from you and it has to be something they can identify with: such as a solution to their problem, or a cause they support. Headlines that starts with “How” or “What” or “5 Steps”, “8 Ways” are all great tweets that people tend to engage with.

  • Intrigue

Headlines that tap into people’s curiosity tend to do well as well. Headlines such as “Content Marketing has forever change CMO’s role” will get people to click.

  • News

Always keep up to date with what’s happening in your industry. If you are the first person to tweet about it, people are likely to engage with your tweet. So setup those Google Alerts and be sure to tweet about it whenever there are new developments in your niche.

  • Controversial or Extreme Works

Controversy often generates the most social media attention. Anything extreme also get people’s attention and engagement. Headlines like “Why men hate Pinterest” will get more clicks.

5. Use Tools to Help You

If you are serious about Twitter, definitely get serious about the tools you are using as well. Effective use of tools can help your twitter effort a lot.

5-1. Automate your tweets with Buffer

Buffer is my favorite social media scheduling tool. It is easy and simple to use. It allows to spend the least amount of time to schedule all my tweets and leave me with more time to engage with my followers. The Feeds function help me pull in all the content I need to schedule my tweet. The Analytics tab allows me to analyze my most popular tweets and lets me to re-schedule those tweets as well.


5-2. Automate Thanking Your New Followers and Retweets with Crowdfire

Although many people think this could be spammy, it is actually very effective for me and save me approximately 4 hours per week. I have been growing at least 100 new followers each day and I would really like to thank each of them for following and try to engage with them. It would be impossible without Crowdfire. By sending a direct message, you can let your new follower learn more about you and begin a good relationship.  I usually let them know that I write on Siteber.com and it has help us getting tons of traffic from Twitter as well.


5-3. Use Snip.ly When Tweeting External URLs

Snip.ly allows you to add a call to action to every link you share. So if you are sharing a piece of content from other websites, you can still attach a call to action back to your site. It could be a link, a form or any action you’d like your followers to take. So while you are sharing viral content, you can also drive traffic back to your site.


5-4. USE IFTTT to Speed Up Your Process

I love using IFTTT (If This Then That). It is incredibly easy to set up. It’s like having a personal assistant, once you tell it how to do it, it will automatically do it for you 24/7. If I am following a certain hashtag, I’d set up an IFTTT to create a list of all people tweeting using that hashtag. I would engage with them later.

I also use IFTTT to post on multiple social channels. For example, when I post something on Instagram, I want the same post on Twitter as well. It has helped speed up my process and increased engagements across all my channels.

There are tons of ready-made recipes that you can use even if you don’t know where to start.



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  1. Steve November 5, 2015 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Thanks for great idea. And do you have any tips about promotion in LinkedIn?

    • Jessie Liu November 6, 2015 at 9:49 pm - Reply

      Thanks for your comment Steve. LinkedIn can also be a great source of traffic if you know how to use it correctly. Like any other social channels, LinkedIn requires a lot of preparation a head of time. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and increase your own connections / followers. Not all groups are engaging / useful to you, so you have to narrow down to a few groups that can bring traffic to your site. Starting by sharing the same posts across different relevant groups then you will know which groups are good to continue investing your time and effort. Another method is to increase your own connections, and publish a post on LinkedIn with interesting bait that will get people to click to your site.

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