20 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

//20 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

20 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

I have been on social media for almost a decade. During those days, I have seen so many people out there are doing things that are so stupid and naive. Just like anything in your life, if you were not being careful, sooner or later, you will be in trouble.

Following are 20 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media:

Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

1. Stop Inviting Friends to Play Certain Games

I mean seriously, if you really want your friends to play games with you, for God’s sake, send them message first, see if they want to play game with you or not. Don’t simply invite them, I am pretty sure not all of your friends got that much time or that childish.

2. Stop Posting Photos of Your Luxury Cars and Luxury Vacation Trips

I mean showing off is one thing, but making your friends jealous is another. When people got jealous, they might do something unthinkable or harmful to their families. So, don’t show off on social media.

3. Stop Complaining on Social Media

I know all of us got issues one way or another. By complaining on social media will not solve any problem. Besides, no one wants to hear you whining about how come you don’t have a nice car or a nice bag.

4. Stop Posting Your Plan for Next Trip

By posting your time for next trip is not a very smart move at all. How many so called friends on your Facebook friends list are your real friends? I am pretty sure about 70 percent of your “friends” are just random people or not really know each other. Among those friends, there might be someone who knows your plan, and will break into your house while you are on vacation.

5. Stop Adding People To Groups Without Permission

Even if you are my friend, how much do you know me? How do you know I will like the group? Who gives you the God damn rights to add me to a certain group? I mean, guys, seriously, if I want to join a certain group, I will; just don’t make the decision for me, thank you!

6. Stop Changing the Meaning When Retweeting

It is cool when you find something interesting and useful, and you want to share it with your followers, but do not ever change the meaning, do you really think it is funny when people click on the link, and what they see is completely different from the snippet?

7. Stop Posting Your Personal Information

Unless you are stupid or thinking internet is a friendly place, then you should stop doing it; posting your personal information online will only increase the chance of getting your identity stolen.

8. Stop Advertising on Get More Friends or Followers

Unless you are living in the stone age, you should all know it is scam. Most of them are just computer bots that will not interact with you at all.

9. Stop Going on Your Facebook When Doing Work

Facebook, to be absolute frank, is a total waste of time. It provides nothing really valuable, or you can learn anything from it, besides of jealously, depression and hatred. Facebook can be so addictive; you can spent hours to check out your friends status or timelines, but if you really think about it, does it really worth it to simply waste your valuable time away?

10. Stop Posting Your Daily Schedules

If you do not already know, here is the tip: most burglars are using it to find the best time to ransack your place.

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11. Stop Tagging People on Improper Pictures

It is okay if you tag your friends on good or professional photo. However, if photos are improper, such as partying or doing crazy stuffs, you should stop tagging them. I know it is fun for a while, but what you did sometimes might harm your friends in their careers, because now most employee will check your online presence when deciding hiring you or not.

12. Stop Reading Message and Not Replying

Unless you are still living in 2000, today’s technology has become so advanced, there are many software or technology out there can track if you have opened the message and how long you have read the message. Therefore, if you have opened the message, but not replying, it will create wrong interpretation from the sender.

13. Stop Complaining How Much you Hate Your Job

Not a lot of people can get jobs that they love, not only you. By complaining how much you hate your job will do nothing, other than the fact, there might be a chance your boss finds out, and you will be let go involuntarily. Now, you got your wish!

14.  Stop Be Friend with Strangers

It is a cool and encouraging thing to do in real life, but it is a total different story online. Of course, there are good people online, but you might be one of the unlucky ones that is trying to be friend with bad guys.

15. Stop Click on the Links that You Don’t Trust

One of many reasons why your account got hacked, but you have clicked on wrong links which allows hackers to install key-logger on your computer. So, that whenever you are typing, hackers will know what you are typing.

16. Stop Sending out “like” Invitation to Your Fan Page

Come on… When you created your fan page, I can see that; and if I like your fan page, I will like it. However, the truth is I don’t like it; why in hell you want to invite me to like it. Instead of sending request to like your fan page, you should prove it is worth to be liked: share something interested and valuable, then people will like your page naturally.

17. Stop Sharing Stuffs that You are not Comfortable Sharing

If you are not comfortable sharing things that you are sharing, then stop sharing; the truth is others might also be not comfortable seeing it.

18. Stop Being Jealous of Others

Everyone has his/her upsides and downsides, we are not living in a perfect world. All those exotic vacation trips, houses, and car are shared on social media might not be their real lives. There are other sides, real lives, they are not sharing: the darker sides. So do not pay attention or be jealous of others, it won’t do any good to you but only misery.

19. Stop Posting Illegal Stuffs

When you are young, you might think you are cool because you have gun, drugs, etc. and sharing photos of those on social media; in hoping your friends will admire you or something. However, there is a higher chance that cops will be knocking on your door.

20. Stop Beautifying Your Photo

I mean you are who you are. By photoshoping your photo won’t change the fact who you really look like in real life. What disturbs me the most is when the real person looks totally different than what his/her photo displays. Stop lying to yourself and others; just be yourself!


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