5 Gmail Tips: How Many of Them Do You Know?

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5 Gmail Tips: How Many of Them Do You Know?

Unlike a decade ago, Gmail used to be a boring email system. You basically can only send and receive email. There were nothing in between that can provide you more control over it. However, the new Gmail implements a tons of features and functions that allow people to maximize the true potential of email.

Following are 30 Gmail tips that you might or might now know:

1. Undo Send

This feature allows you to undo an email that you just sent. Gmail allows you to set the cancellation period from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. To set it, you simply go to Setting -> General, and scroll down, you will see Undo Send, where you set the timing.

Undo Send Gmail Tip

2. Translate Message

Sometimes, you might receive an email from someone that is writing in a different language. Now, in Gmail, you don’t have to copy the message and then paste into translator to see what it says. You can simply click on the right corner, and you will see the Translate Message on the dropdown, where you can then select which language you want the message to translate into.
translate message gmail tip

3. Email Address: Extra Dots don’t Matters

If you ever wonder is the email address myemailaddress@gmail.com same as my.email.address@gmail.com, yes, they are the same. So even if you put dot all over the email address name, it will land into the same email address: myemailaddress@gmail.com. Now, go wild with your multiple same email addresses.

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4. Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

If you master all shortcuts, they can save you a lot of time. Following are all shortcuts for Gmail according to Google Gmail team. Now, in order for these shortcuts to work. You will need to turn on the keyboard shortcut by going to Setting, and scroll down, you will see Keyboard shortcuts, where you can turn on the off.

Compose & chat
compose and chat shortcuts

Formatting Text
Formatting Text shortcuts

actions shortcuts

hangouts shortcuts

Jumping shortcuts

Threadlist Selection
Threadlist Selection shortcuts

navigation shortcuts

Application shortcuts

5. Attach a Large File

Even though Gmail allows you to attach files up to 25mb, sometime you might want to attach a file size more than that. Yes, Gmail can do that, but only if the file is uploaded to your Google Drive. Basically, when you compose an email, there is small Google Drive icon at the bottom, when you click on it, it will allow you to select the file that you want to send.

6. Reply With Canned Responses

Very often, you might receive emails that might require you only reply with same message over and over again. Instead of retyping all message out again. Gmail allows you to setup predetermined replies. To do that, you simple go to Setting -> Advance, and then enable Canned Responses (Templates).

After that, you click on compose, and at the bottom right, click on the 3 dots, and then select Caned Responses -> New Canned Response. You can start setup as canned response as you want.

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