Augmented Reality Ads in Facebook News Feed Will Soon Be Reality

//Augmented Reality Ads in Facebook News Feed Will Soon Be Reality

Augmented Reality Ads in Facebook News Feed Will Soon Be Reality

Facebook Ads in its news feed will get more interesting. It will give advertisers, especially those who in apparel niches, an unique way to promote their products.

The Facebook Augmented Reality Ads  is currently in the testing stage, and only available to people who are in the United States.

Similar to the Snapchat filters, Facebook is implementing its filter app MSQRD, which allows users to interact with a Facebook ads. For example, users can click on the ads for sunglasses, and they can choose to try it on virtually.

In the near future, in store shopping will be the thing in the past. No longer people need to go to clothing stores, and try out clothes.

So what will it mean to online advertisers?

In order to make products attractive, Advertisers will need to be keen on taking product photos, so in a way that users can try them on virtually. Online competition will get intense with the new technology. Of course, that also means there will be more money to be made.

More users will likely to click on Facebook ads, and just so that they can have feeling of try it on first. Most users will likely to buy a certain product if they feel like it looks good on them.

Therefore, I think the Facebook Augmented Reality Ads will bring a big change, not only on how users interact with ads, but also on how online advertising changes how it used to be traditionally.

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