24 05, 2015

How to Start a WordPress Blog

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Starting a blog can be confusing for beginners. Of course, the first thing you need to think about is what you are going to write. You can write tons of things, but for a starter, it is always the best to write something that you know of, passionate about. For example, if you are passionate [...]

13 04, 2015

Top 21 SEO Tools for Digital Marketer

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The SEO industry has full of SEO tools and hacks to help SEOs and digital marketers to do their job better. Some tools are free, others require a small fee. These tools exist to help you perform your job better and to help advance the industry. However, remember tools are just tools, they help speed [...]

7 09, 2014

The Future of Search Engines [Infographic]

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Everyone knows that Search Engines (especially Google) have become so sophisticated in the past couple years that it knows what you want better than you know it yourself. Search engines have slowly evolved from performing merely keyword based searches to intelligent knowledge engines. The future of search engine is still uncertain, but it is surely [...]

10 08, 2014

Top 10 Tips on How To Increase Alexa Ranking

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What Is Alexa Traffic Rank? Alexa is the top internet traffic statistics website. It has a ranking system that measures how popular a website is. The smaller number of your website Alexa traffic rank has, the better. The most popular website is  given the number 1 ranking and the second most popular will be given number 2 [...]

5 08, 2014

Top Ranking Factors in 2015 and Beyond Based on Data

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Google’s ranking factors have become more sophisticated in the past few years. Search Engine Optimization is also a constantly changing field.  Google ranks content based on its quality and it does by measuring the number & the quality of backlinks it has. However, in the past 2 – 3 years, social media has become an [...]

27 07, 2014

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Strategy

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The Definitive Guide to Social Media Strategy By now, almost every business has some forms of social media presence. Social media is about the convergence of communication and information. It can be a very powerful tool if implemented correctly. Social media is a critical component of digital marketing. According to a recent survey below, 46% [...]

18 07, 2014

10 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid

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SEO is a way of generating organic traffic from search engines. In the world of SEO, there are many techniques that companies can implement in order to boost their SERPs. Different companies are using different SEO tactics, and those techniques keep changing as Google changing their algorithms. There are safe ways of doing SEO and [...]

15 07, 2014

What Is Bounce Rate and How To Lower It? [The Complete Guide]

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INTRODUCTION Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who visit a website and then leave after only visit one page. Bounce Rate ranges between 0% to 100%. The exact formula to calculate bounce rate is: Rb = Tv/Te whereas Rb is bounce rate, Tv is the number of visitors who only visited one page and then [...]