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7 06, 2015

10 Google Analytics Features You Need to Understand

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Google Analytics is essential for anyone with a website. By understanding your consumer behavior on your website using Google Analytics, you’ll be able to optimize your website design, marketing efforts and even offerings to increase sales and revenue. There are a lot of features and reports with Google Analytics out of the box. It can [...]

7 06, 2015

6 Essential Steps for Successful A/B Tests

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In the online marketing world, A/B testing has become the staple of website optimization, which leads to higher conversion rate. However, many online marketers or small business owners are intimidated by the complexity of A/B testing, multi-variable testing or any testing on their websites. It doesn't have to be hard. In order to become successful [...]

3 03, 2015

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes in Google Analytics

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1. Not Using / Checking Google Analytics Many of you have implemented Google Analytics tracking on your site, however, not many of you actually check and taking advantage of the information/stats from Google Analytics. Remember setting up Google Analytics account and implement tracking code on your site are not enough. The whole point is to [...]

2 01, 2015

Subdomain and Cross-domain Tracking in Google Analytics

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Universal Analytics allows tracking of two of more subdomains within a single property without any additional configuration. For example, if you have,, and and you would like to track them all within one Google Analytics account, under the same property, you can track all of these subdomains using the same Universal Analytics [...]

2 01, 2015

How to Setup Google Analytics Using Google Tag Manager 2.0

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A new version of Google Tag Manager was released back in October 2014. It is still under beta, but you should prepare to migrate over to the New Google Tag Manager yourself. It is only available for new account for now.  Google will eventually force everyone to move over to GTM 2.0 in 2015. Get [...]

8 12, 2014

How to Track Form Completions Using Google Tag Manager V2

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Google Tag Manager has liberated marketers from the IT department. Anybody without technical background and programming knowledge can create custom events and track actions on their websites. In this article, I am going to show you how to track your form completions as custom events in your Google Analytics. Prerequisites: you should have a Google [...]