7 02, 2017

Your Connection to This Site is Not Secure

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It’s been two years since Google’s SSL recommendation to all websites. Just like we predicted, Google is finally starting to enforce it. For those who don’t know, Google released Chrome 56 last month. This new version might impact websites without SSL certificates. What Chrome 56 does is that for any website that is without SSL [...]

1 09, 2014

The Changing Landscape of Search Engines [infographic]

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The Search Engines industry has grown so much in the past couple years that it has cemented itself as one of the most innovative industries in the United States. The following infographic is a snapshot of the Search Engines Industry and where it’s heading next. There are over 3 billions search daily, over 69% of people [...]

10 07, 2014

WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 Released

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Today, WordPress just announced the release of WordPress 4.0 Beta 1. The official 4.0 version will be released next month. According to the WordPress news, this version will mainly have updates on "Insert from URL" in the visual editor, media library, plugin installation experience, language choice, widgets, etc. Now, if you can not wait until [...]

4 07, 2014

30 Ways To Stay Creative (Infographic)

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Many people think they are not creative. Creativity is not a skill, it's not an event, it's not something you can just make it happen, and it is definitely not a big deal. Creativity comes slowly; it's a process and you have to nurture it. Creative ideas often come to you when you are least [...]

2 07, 2014

WordPress Plugin MailPoet Hacked

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MailPoet is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress; it is basically a plugin that allows you to create newsletters. Currently, it has over 1.7 million users are using it. The bug was first reported one week agao, but obviously, the bug has been around for few month, which, of course, has been putting [...]

27 06, 2014

Google Is Removing Author Photos from Search Results

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Google has announced the removal of author photos from search results. According to John Mueller, the reason of the removal is that so the new design will look better, especially on mobile. It is not surprised that many people are pretty upset about the decision. Many of them have spent so many hours to increase their [...]

24 06, 2014

Google Launches Domain Registration Service

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The search engine giant Google announced on Monday that they will be testing domain registration service, that is called Google Domains. It is still in invited-only beta, but it will soon become a big competitor to all big domain registrars, such as Godaddy. Unlike Godaddy, Google has not planned to launch the web hosting services. [...]

13 12, 2013

WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

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WordPress just released Version 3.8 today, which is in honor of Charlie Parker. In this version, you will experience a total new look. The dashboard is become more grey in default, with crystal font and more colorful design. Of course, WordPress 3.8 has brought out more personalities. Now, you can choose from 8 color schemes that [...]

26 11, 2013

Toopher Releases WordPress Plugin For All Users

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Troopher, today, announced its  WordPress security plugin is available to download, and it is free for all WordPress users. You can download it at For those who do not know, Troopher is a service company that provides tools to prevent online identity theft by utilizing location awareness of phone. The plugin is kinda like Google [...]

21 11, 2013

WordPress 3.8 Beta 1

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WordPress 3.8 Beta 1 is now available, and the final release will be available on December 21th, 2013. We will expect big changes in this version. Some of changes will be completely new wp-admin dashboard area; that, of course, includes additionally color schemes changes, so that you can have taste of how dashboard will look [...]