18 04, 2015

The 25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2015 [Infographic]

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Check out the 25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2015 below. These plugins will make your WordPress website shine. If you think of any good and useful WordPress Plugin, let me known in the comment below. Also, which plugins do you think are the most useful?

18 02, 2015

Top 5 WordPress User Role Plugins

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It is always hard to manage a website by oneself. Especially when your website is getting big and generating decent traffic, by having a decent team can really help. However, obviously, you do not want give out full permission to all team members, because the less people have full control of a website, the less [...]

23 09, 2014

Top 5 Free Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

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Millions of website owners are switching their websites to WordPress. Not only because WordPress is very easy platform to use, but one of most important reasons is the ability of utilizing thousands of plugins. Now, with WordPress and Plugins, you can virtually do anything without spending countless time to code. Of course, with the great [...]

19 09, 2014

Top 10 Under Construction WordPress Plugins and Themes

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It is a very common practice that when you are building a new website or doing website maintenance, you should always try to put up some types of under construction signs on your site to notify visitors. In WordPress, there are two ways of obtaining under construction or coming soon page: themes and plugins. In [...]