Siteber provides useful information and tips on WordPress and digital marketing for beginners who want to learn more about them. Some individuals might concern that Siteber is all about making money or scam users or readers to make purchase, but that is not true. We are a group of professionals that are providing free useful information to all internet users. Regular visitors of Siteber will assure you that we are not all about making money.

Having say that, we do get something out of this website (including money). We want to disclose it for you for following 2 reasons:

1. We want to be transparent about what Siteber is  all about.

2. We also want to comply with FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255 regulation.

Following are things that We get out of Siteber:

We have writers/developer that work on Siteber, so We need to make money in order to keep operating. We make money from ads, affiliates, and services.

We only promote affiliate programs that we truly believe are useful to all Siteber readers. Even though we do not disclaim it whenever we use affiliate link, but if you see any external link that when click open in new tab or doesn’t appear to be part of Siteber, you should be making the assumption that the link might be affiliate link.  We are using pretty link WordPress plugins to redirect affiliate links. And with any affiliate link, we might get commission if any user sign up program by using our affiliate links. We are part of many affiliate programs, such as CJ, HostGator, Bluehost, Ipage,  Sucuri Security, etc.

How affiliate works is that, for example, if a user clicks on our hosting affiliate link, and he signs up the hosting plan, if he does not cancel the plan within the 30 days, we might get commission from the hosting company. It is the hosting company rewards us for referring a new customer to them, not the user. So there will be no additionally cost from the user; in fact, some of affiliate links are offering discount deals, so users can save even more.

In additionally, we also provide services on WordPress installation, website setup, SEO service, and logo design service. We will get fees out of those. We are also doing reviews on certain products/services, and reviews are solely based on our own opinion, so you still need to do some diligent research to finalize your choice of purchasing.

The mission of Siteber is to provide the most accurate and reliable information for all users, and we are open to anyone who have any question or suggestion.

Lastly, we hope this disclaimer is transparent on what we do and how we generate income. We do not want to hide anything.