Google Is Removing Author Photos from Search Results

//Google Is Removing Author Photos from Search Results

Google Is Removing Author Photos from Search Results

Google has announced the removal of author photos from search results. According to John Mueller, the reason of the removal is that so the new design will look better, especially on mobile. It is not surprised that many people are pretty upset about the decision. Many of them have spent so many hours to increase their authority, so their photos can be shown on the search result. The removal of the author photos from search results basically means that all they have done were wasted. Along with the author photos, the in circle thing will also be remove. So that is left is simple look; well, it is kind of like the way before Google implement the authorship but with author’s names.

Many site owners claim that the decision will cost their half of organic traffics, because they believe if they have photos next to the search results, people will likely to click the pages. Google claim there is not a lot of different if you have photo next to the  search results,   the search position has always been the way of determining website traffics.

The change will basically remove all author photo from computer sand mobiles, and it will be taking effect in next few days.

Tell us if you like the change or not, or do you think Google is making the smart move?



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