Google Released Panda 4.0 Today

//Google Released Panda 4.0 Today

Google Released Panda 4.0 Today

Just less than 12 hours ago, the head of the spam team, Matt Cutts announced the release of Panda 4.0. There are a lot speculation what Panda 4.0 can bring to the SEO community, and how many sites will be slashed or sandboxed by this update.

Or, Panda 4.0 is released to help small business, because Matt Cutts mentioned in the past that the new Panda update will help small business do better in the search results. In regarding to business, what we’ve seen is that most of the popular search terms are being dominated by big companies, because they have sufficient budget to spend on the SEO and links building. However, small companies will hardly had chances. So, what if Panda 4.0 is to help those small business, and let them be visible in the search result.

With all the buzz about Google’s algorithm updates, one question still remains: is your site prepared for Panda 4.0?

If your site is focus on unique content building, then  you should not need to worry about any Google’s algorithm updates. On the other hand, if you are using any of blackhat techniques, then sooner or later, Google will catch up to you. Your site will get punished either by getting sandboxed or be completely removed from search results.

When you audit your site, make sure your site do not have duplicate content or any rewriting content for that matter. Now, one type of SEO still remain the same is the onsite SEO. Make sure you  have meta information on every page or post. Not just any type of meta information, make sure those information is relevant to the content on the page or post.

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Also, when you write a post, make sure to write it for readers not for SEO purpose. Of course, if you can do both, then it will be better, but the former is more important.  You can learn more about SEO tip here: Top 10 SEO Tips to Follow in 2014.

So How Big is this Update?

According to SearchEngineLand, this update will effect 7.5% of search queries. It seems small, but consider the fact that billions of search queries every day, this can be very big. Therefore, most users will experience the difference when using the search engine.

What Can You Do if Your Site Got Hit?

Now, the bigger question for the SEO community is what can you do if the site got hit by this update.  If your site got hit, the first thing you should do is to read through the Google guideline again, and make sure your site is compliant with all the rules, and correct them on your site if necessary. After everything is done, double check with the rule, make sure everything is good. After that, you can resubmit your site to Google to review. It might takes days, weeks or eve months, really depends on  how big or complex your sites or issues are.


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