HostGator Coupon Code 75% OFF

//HostGator Coupon Code 75% OFF

HostGator Coupon Code 75% OFF


Click Here to Claim 60% Off Coupon Code on HostGator Hosting Plans

HostGator is one of the top Hosting Companies out there. Today, they are having the biggest sales this year. All of their hosting plans will have 60% off. If you are deciding which one to choose among all of those hosting companies out there, HostGator can be one of the top choices.

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Sale Details: 60% Off All New Hosting Packages
Coupon Code: FEB223
Sale Begins: Tuesday, February 23rd at 12:00am CST
Sale Ends: Tuesday, February 23rd at 11:59pm CST

Sale Details: 60% Off All New Hosting Packages
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Coupon Code: LEAP2016
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Sale Ends: Monday, February 29th at 11:59pm CST

hostgator coupon code

So what makes HostGator one of the top hosting companies? We all know that in order to have a website, you need to have a domain, and a hosting company to host the domain. The hosting company that you choose might directly affect your online business. You do not want to host with a hosting company that is not reliable, because not only it will waste you tons of time, but it will also affect your online business in negatively way. HostGator is few companies out there that claims to have 99.9% uptime. Although there are many companies out there claim that statement, not a lot of them actually really keep that promise. HostGator, however, is one of very few who can do it. You don’t have to believe me, but you ought to believe those 9 million existing customers. If HostGator is not that great, then those people would not continue using their services.

It doesn’t matter what type of situation you are in. HostGator has at least one perfect plan for you. Basically, they offers 3 types of Hosting Plans: Hatchling, Baby and Business.

HostGator Hatchling Plan is very basic plan, but it can work very well for anyone who has limited budget and only want to host one domain. Even though it is a very basic plan, it still offers unlimited bandwidth and space.

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HostGator Baby Plan, on the other hand, is pretty similar to Hatchling; however, with the Baby Plan, on top of having unlimited bandwidth and space, you can host unlimited domain. So, as you can tell, if you have many domains, it would be a great value to have the Baby Plan. (Most people choose this plan when signing up)

HostGator Business Plan is even more advance plan. On top of everything that the Baby Plan offers, the Business Plan also give you free IP and Private SSL, which can be great for any type of eCommerce site.

All of the above plans comes with site builder and cPanel, and they come with one click easy to install software Fantastico which supports most popular scripts. As you can tell, it can be really time-saving and hustle free for you when it comes to installation.

One thing that stands out the most is the customer services in HostGator. We all know how important it is to have a hosting company that has the excellent support: When you have questions, they are there for you; and when your site is having problems, they are there for you.  They provide 24/7 supports to all of their customers, and can be easily reached via online chat, email and phone. The waiting time usually less than 3 minutes, so you can get the support fair quickly.

In summary, I think HostGator is a pretty good hosting company. In terms of reliability and supports, HostGator is still on the top.

Click Here to Claim 60% Off Coupon Code on HostGator Hosting Plans

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of HostGator affiliate program. By using the coupon code or clicking links on this page, I might receive commission from HostGator.

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  1. pankaj July 30, 2014 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    when do you people have the 75% off offer. can you say me the month or the day at when the 75 % offer will me avalible .

  2. si July 31, 2014 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    Didn’t work for me – 20% off !

    • Feng Liu July 31, 2014 at 12:13 pm - Reply

      it was expired two days ago, but you can still use SITEBER30 for 30% off; only for today, it will be expired tomorrow.

      After tomorrow, you can use SUPERSAVES for 25% off.

  3. Bhavana December 6, 2014 at 3:43 am - Reply

    Thanks for your coupon , Planning to take another hosting package from them . Hostgator is the Good hosting company . They provide good network with zero downtime . They will resolve most of my issue by chat support itself .

  4. Jessie Liu December 16, 2014 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    Great hosting plans at great price!

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