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How to Increase Website Traffic For Free

With technology and tools that are available today, building a website is a lot easier than it used to be. However, for any internet marketer, one should know that by having a website is not enough to generate leads or make sales; you need targeted website traffic.

Now, there are basically two ways on how to increase website traffic: Free and Paid traffic. Paid traffic is not a sustainable because it really depends on how much you can put into Google Adword or other types of advertisement. Generally, the ROI is really low. However, it does have its own merit. Basically, paid traffic allow you have targeted traffic in matter of few hours.

On the other hand, free traffic is more affordable and sustainable. There are many ways of generating free traffic. Two of the most popular ways to increase website traffic are through organic search results and social media channels.

Following are the most common places that you can generating free traffic:

How to Increase Website Traffic

Google Search Results

It used to be the fact that if you do not know anything, you would go to your local library and search for it. Now, you can simply Google it. In a matter of seconds, you will get what you are looking for. And because of such convenience, Google search engine has become part of our daily lives. Of course, if your web page were ranked on the first page, you would get tons of traffic. The only downside is that such organic traffic usually takes a long time to accomplish.


For now, almost everyone who uses internet should know Facebook/Twitter. They are all over the places. If you are a influencer, you can get tons of free traffic by tweeting or posting. Of course, it is very likely you are not the one, but still they are great places to talk to influencers and make friends with them. It sure can help you to promote your interesting content.


It might sound old, but forums are great places to generated targeted audiences. Most forums are very niched-based. So if a forum is about SEO, people who are participating in the forum will very likely all be interested in SEO related topic. Likewise, if a forum is all about TV, all users on the site will likely be interested in TV or movies. Therefore, I strongly believe forums are great places to generated free targeted audience. Of course, you do not want to spam any forum; you need to provide interesting and useful content to users.


Now, who doesn’t like to watch video online nowadays. YouTube is now one of the most visiting websites in the world. The website itself generate millions unique traffic every day. Because YouTube is user based content generated website, you can go ahead and upload your video. In a matter of minutes, your video has potential of getting viral.

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Believe it or not, instead of reading, almost every mobile users like to browse pictures. 2nd to Facebook/Twitter, Pinterest has gain a lot of attention in the recent years. It is easy to use and convenient to share. If you think about it, Pinteresst is actually a very good place to get free targeted traffic. If a visitor browse your uploaded pictures a lot, it is very likely, he/she is interested in the topic, and very likely to visit your site.


Linkedln is career networking website. If your website is about B2B or career related, it is actually a very good place to generate free targeted traffic to your website.


To be honest, I just found out Quora few months ago. Unlike yahoo answer, people in Quora actually knows what they are talking about on any topic. If your website is all about how-to and solutions based, Quora is a great place to promote your website.


I know it might sound cliché, but Email is another great way of generating free traffic to your website. Of course, you will need to do it right way; otherwise, it is very likely, you will be getting into trouble. First of all, you should never ever do scraping the emails from different sources, and then spamming them. Instead of that, you should do an Email optin form on your website, so that you know your list is good. The process can be tedious and take a very long time, but it is really worth it.


StumbleUpon can get a lot of referral visitors to your website. However, the traffic from StumbleUpon is less involved, because the website itself is created for users to surf websites; usually, users will only spend 3 seconds to look at your site and then move on to next site. Nonetheless, it is still a good place to get free traffic.


As more people are using mobile to surfing webs, Instagram is a great tool to generate free mobile users. To be honest, I haven’t tried it, but a lot of people had some success with Instagram.


The above are just few of most popular ways to increase website traffic to a website. Of course, there are many other ways or methods. Some can be Grey Hat of Black Hat, but if possible, it is best to stay with White Hat. If you know any other way of generating free traffic, please share with us.

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