How to Increase Your Google PageRank

//How to Increase Your Google PageRank

How to Increase Your Google PageRank

In order to know how to increase one’s Google PageRank or PR ranking, one must know what Google PageRank is. According to Google, Google PageRank is a way of  measuring how important of one’s website is. The highest ranking is 10 and the lowest is 0. Currently, there are only less than 15 websites in the World that has PR ranking of 10. Believe it or not, Google has only PR rank of 9. I don’t know about you, but I was surprised when I first time found out (I just check again using online tool, and still PR9).   And about Pr9, there are only less than 200 websites worldwide achieve the ranking. As you can tell, it is very hard to get to pass PR 7 or even PR 6,  you need to require to do more in order to achieve that. Also, the ranking is not permanent, Google is constantly measure each website’s PageRank every year. Therefore, it can up and down depends on the affords that you have put in during the year.

Now, you should have some idea about Google PageRank, let’s move on to how to increase it. Following are 10 ways that you can try to increase your PageRank:

1. Length of Content and Frequency

Usually, the more content on your site, the better. Also, each article should have at least 500 or 600 words long. The more important part is frequency, you need to post at least once a week, even twice a week. However, you do not want to post 100 articles per day, that will not help you, it will only hurt you. Now, you might ask why, does frequency mean the more the better? Well, no, not to the extend that looks unnatural to the eyes of Google. If you are using WordPress, you can schedule those Posts, so 100 articles do not have to go all at once.

2. Unique and Quality Content

Perhaps the root of determining how successful your website or blog will be is how interesting of your content is. We all heard about this old saying that states the quantity does not count quality does. When come to ranking, this still holds true. In addition, one needs to make sure each article or post is unique. You do not want to be caught of copying other people’s work. It will not be good for your popularity and will not help you increase the Google PageRank.

3. On Page SEO

On Page SEO is one of key ingredient to increase your PR ranking. On any page, you need to have H1, H2, and  H3 tags; H1 is the most important. However, you do not want to have duplicated H1. So, each page should only have 1 H1 and 1 H2. In terms of some style, such Bold, Italic, and underline, you can have them, but not quite as important. For each image on the page, you need to have alt tag. Lastly, for each post, you can add links to link to your related articles. One of the plugins that can do it automatically for you is “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin”. Of course, there are still many ways to improve one’s on page SEO, but those are very basic tips of improving it. Nonetheless, you do not want to write the content solely for SEO. You have to write it for readers, and apply as many on page SEO tactics as you can.

4. Guest Post

Few months ago, in one of Matt Cutts’ post states that guest posts can be harmful to your website, but he also mentioned that, if you do it properly, it can be a great way to increase your pr ranking. So, do not just spam your post to other people’s website, you need to post it to high authority websites that are related to your niche and your post needs to have quality content, not just some unreadable spinned articles.

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5. Social Media

Of course, Matt Cutts also mentioned social media signals currently do not play roles in the ranking algorithms. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have thousands of followers (fake or not) will carry juice over to your site. On the other hand, we all know that social media can be really useful when they comes to traffic. Therefore, having thousands of visitors every day can only help your site.

6. Backlinks

Overall, the rule of game in SEO is number of backlinks, not just any type of backlinks, you need to have high quality backlinks. You do not want to build thousands backlinks every day, they need to come naturally. Of course, building backlinks can be a double-edged sword. It can help you if you do it properly, but it can also destroy your site if you are not careful. You should always check your backlinks, for example, which websites are linking to you, what anchor texts they are using, etc.

7. Submitting Sitemap

It is very important to have sitemap on your website, and then submit them to different search engine, because the sitemap is basically a map that tell search engine spiders what content that your website have. Of course, most people today are only using Google webmaster, but it is always better to submit it to Bing, AOL as well.

8. Keyword Research

Although it is not quite obvious that keyword research can play a role in one’s Google PageRank, proper keyword research is actually quite important. Having Google keyword phrase can determine the ranking position on the Google search engine. You do not want a keyword phrase that is very competitive,  yet you do not want a keyword phrase that nobody searches. You should always pick a keyword phrase that is kinda between middle.

9. Dofollow and nofollow

When you are linking to other websites, you should do as little dofollow links as humanly possible. After all, you do not want to leak your SEO juice to other website. I know it is kinda selfish, but it is true. On the other hand, when building backlinks, you want as many dofollow backlinks (remember: quality vs quantity) as humanly possible. Of course, you can mix them up, so they look naturally.

10. Domain Age

For those who do not know, how long one’s domain is can also play an important role in page ranking. So, the older of your domain is, the higher authority your domain will be. Because of this notion, many marketers are trying to buy old domains. Of course, this also can be a double-edged sword. You do not want to buy a penalized or fake ranking domain. Therefore, it is very important to do research on any domain that you want to bid.


Now, there are still many ways of  increasing your Google PageRank. The above are just few of most obvious ways of  increasing it.  Additionally, Google algorithms keep changing, as well as technology. Therefore, there is no absolute ways of doing it, we just have to do what we already know and then keep building on it.  If you know any additional way to increase the pr ranking, you can leave a comment below.

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