How to Increase Your TrustRank

//How to Increase Your TrustRank

How to Increase Your TrustRank

TrustRank  is a way of measuring how trustworthy a website is. Every website has its own TrustRank  that are determined by various factors. Basically, TrustRank  is ranged from 0 to 10. The higher TrustRank  a website has, the likelihood of the high search result page (SERPs) position of that website will have. Therefore, if you want your web pages to rank higher with particular keyword phrases, you need to increase your TrustRank .  Additionally, it is also a great measure to separate good websites from junk websites.

There are many factors that can affect a website’s TrustRank  number. Following are few most common things that will affect the TrustRank  number  of a website:

– Blackhat links building techniques are big No NO; it might temporary increase your search position with particular keyword phrases in the short term, but eventually Google will catch up and punish the site. Not only will your pages be punished, your TrustRank  will suffer as well.

– Domain age is also an important factor. Believe it or not, the older the domain is, the higher the TrustRank  one will have. Therefore, a lot of internet marketers also tend to purchase old domain that has high TrustRank , so they do not need to spend a lot of time on building them.

– Anchor texts that you are using for backlinks are also important factor, you do not want to build links that is completely off your main theme of the website. For example, if your website is all about programming, you do not want to build links that have anchor texts of weight loss or pills; that would be total unrelated, and your TrustRank  will suffer.

– Also in order to increase your website’s TrustRank , you need to have fresh, regular, and relevant content.

-Lastly, you need to be aware who you build backlinks from. It is important to regularly check your backlinks sources. You do not want to build backlinks from websites that using blackhat or spam techniques. Believe it or not, your site will not benefit from it; it will suffer from it, so will your website’s TrustRank .

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Now, we basically know few things that will affect the TrustRank , we can then go on and talk about how we can increase it. Basically, following are few things that you can do to increase the website’s TrustRank :

– Old Domain (some people believe if you renew your domain for more than 3 years, it will increase your TrustRank , because it will state that you are serious about the website).

– Adding content regularly; not just any type of content, useful content that readers or visitors need.

– Building links only from relevant websites. If you have a health blog, try to build links only from that niche. Also as I mentioned before, check the sites you build links from as well.

– Avoid using long tail keyword domains. There is a rumor around internet marketing community, if you put your long keyword phrase in the url, your site will likely be ranked with that particular keyword. Well, it might be true for now, but Google are getting smarter and smarter, sooner or later, they will punish those type of websites. So if you are thinking of long term, then avoid it.

Of course, there are still many other factors that might affect a website’s TrustRank , and they are constantly changing as well. However, if you following the above tips, your should be able to the increase in your website’s TrustRank . If you know any other ways that might affect it, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

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