How to Market to Generation Z

//How to Market to Generation Z

How to Market to Generation Z

Generation Z is a wildly fresh and new generation of youngsters that marketers and brand managers need to start to understand much more than prior generations such as Millennials and Generation X. This is because Generation Z teens have huge amounts of spending power – they currently influence $600 billion, and will spend $800 billion by the year 2018, and they now have a population of 80 million people! This has huge implications for marketing, branding, and ad campaigns.

Another interesting takeaway is that they are a unique bunch: They are go-getters, activists, and dream big. 75% of them wants to convert their hobbies into full time jobs, and interestingly, 61% would rather be an independent entrepreneur than a full time employee when they graduate from university. These numbers are up from Millennials, and represents a big shift in how marketers need to tailor their brand messaging. This infographic gives 10 awesome tips on how to understand and subsequently market to Generation Z.


[source: UpfrontAnalytics]
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