Setup FeedBurner for WordPress is quite easy, and it is very important feature that ought to apply to very WordPress site, because FeedBurner can provide you statistic on your RSS subscribers, which you can use to analyze and optimize your site. The most important function of the FeedBurner is that it can help you to ping your new posts to many feed reading services, so your new post can be indexed fast. Of course, for those who like to monetize, you can also integrate your Google Adsense with FeedBurner RSS feeds. Following are step by step on how you can setup FeedBurner for WordPress.

First step, you need to have a Google Account. If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend you sign up with them. They have many cool tools that you use. After you have the account, you can simply go to, it will automatically sign you up.

Second step, enter your standard WordPress feed url into the box as show follows. Normally, you can fine your standard WordPress feed url by adding “/feed” , after that, you just click Next

setup feedburner

Third Step, after you click Next, you will need to enter Feed Title and Feed Address. Although you can enter anything there, but I highly recommend you enter your keyword phrase there.

Feed Title and Feed Address

After that do that, you just click Next, and you are done.  Feedburner for your site is now activated.

Following are optional settings for FeedBurner; they are not needed, but still recommend to do them

Step four, go to Feed Management of your FeedBurner, and then click Optimize, and then under the Services area, click services that you want to activate. I would highly recommend you activate Smartfeed and Feedflare as well.

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optimize feedburner

Step 5, now click Publicize, what this section does is to give reader’s option to subscriber to your feed, because sometimes reader might prefer email subscription.

feedburner publicize

Step 6, of course, if you have Google Adsense account, a new tab Monetize will show up. You just click on the tab, and then activate the account with your Google Adsense account.

So with all those setting, how would you integrate the new FeedBurner into your WordPress site? Actually, it is pretty easy, all you need to do is to install a plugin called “FD FeedBurner” , after you install and activate it, a new tab will appear,  Feedburner Settings, that you can setup your feed. Of course, there is another way to do by using .htaccess through redirect, or install Redirection plugin to redirect your default rss feed to your FeedBurner url, whichever you prefer.