How to Start Passive Income

//How to Start Passive Income

How to Start Passive Income

Many people want to achieve the financial freedom, and passive income is the most popular of accomplishing that.

Passive income is a way that digital marketers invest their time upfront creating useful or valuable stuffs, so that they can benefit from these stuffs continually later on in their lives.

Now, generating passive income takes a lot hard work, a strong mindset, and upmost dedication; it is not easy for most people. Also generating passive income takes time. It will not happen overnight.

As long as you have a strong mindset, nothing is impossible, and that including generating passive income.

Most successful internet marketers generate their passive income online, because there are literally hundreds of ways internet marketers can generate passive income online. Just take the affiliate program as an example, you can do Amazon affiliate, product affiliate, service affiliate, and so on.

So, with that being said, if you have what it takes to accomplish the financial freedom, let’s dive in and get started.

Build a Website

passive incomeHaving a website is the crucial part of generating passive income online. Of course, there are some free blog platforms out there you can use, but all of them have some restrictions. For example, Blogger, you can build a website there, but one thing about Blogger is that you do not own it, so they can delete your website with any reason, and there is nothing you can do about it. Not to mention limited design and function.

In order to truly own a website, you need to self-host it, and there is no other way around it. Literally, every successful internet marketers have their own websites to generate passive income from.

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Bluehost – Hosting┬áCompany that I Trust

how to start a blogOne of the hosting companies that I trust is Bluehost.

I love their reliability and customer services. I used to host my sites with other hosting companies and had many hosting issues. For example, I used to host with this hosting company, almost once a week, my site would go offline, and had to contact them constantly.

I never had any of those with Bluehost. In fact, I have never contacted them ever since I moved to Bluehost. That is a good thing.

Once you have sign up with Bluehost, following is video that shows you how to start a WordPress site in less than 3 minutes:

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