How to Track Form Completions Using Google Tag Manager V2

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How to Track Form Completions Using Google Tag Manager V2

Google Tag Manager has liberated marketers from the IT department. Anybody without technical background and programming knowledge can create custom events and track actions on their websites. In this article, I am going to show you how to track your form completions as custom events in your Google Analytics.

Prerequisites: you should have a Google Tag Manager account and/or Google Analytics code implemented on your site. Google Tag Manager is going to get upgraded to version 2 in Jan 2015, so if you are creating a new account now, I highly recommend you to create an account using the new version. Go to and setup a new Google Tag Manager account for your site.

Google Tag Manager account

The new Google Tag Manager has a completely different look and the process becomes much more simplified.

If you are implementing Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) through Tag Manager, you can create a Tag for it.

1. Click on Create Tag, choose Google Analytics as your tag, then Universal Analytics as the tag type.

2. You’d want to trigger this tag on all pages, so choose All Pages.

3. Then simply name your Tag as UA tracking and enter your tracking ID from your Google Analytics account.

4. Click Create Tag, and you are all set.



Tracking Form Completions in Google Tag Manager

1. This is a similar process to creating an Universal Analytics Tag. However, instead of picking All Pages as the trigger, pick Form.

2. After clicking on Form, an additional window will pop up, you could choose All Forms, or Some Forms if you have many forms on the site, but only want to track specific forms. Use filters when you only want to track specific forms. Click continue.

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3. Remember to check both Wait for Tags and Check Validation as it will  validate the form submissions.

4. Set filter when this trigger should listen to form events.

Google Tag Manager Form Setup

5. Name your Tag and enter your Universal Analytics tracking ID.

6. Set your event parameters. This will appear in your Google Analytics account. Then you are all set.


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