iPage Review – Is it a Reliable Web Hosting

iPage was established in 1998. It is one of the most popular web hosting companies. Currently, iPage hosts over 1 million websites; it offers four hosting plans: essential hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. In general, iPage is a great choice for anyone who are just starting out building websites, or small company owners who want to establish their online presence.

Main Features of iPage’s Essential Plan

  1. Unlimited disk space, transfer/bandwidth, addon domains, MySQL database.
  2. 1 Free Domain and 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  3. Extensive Customer Support: 24×7 Phone, Chat and Email Support.
  4. World-class Technology with High Performance Servers.
  5. Drag and drop site builder and blog setup wizard.

Following are Pros of iPage Web Hosting

Unlimited Domains Hosting

iPage allows users to host unlimited domains on their single hosting accounts. Additionally, iPage also offers one free domain when you first time sign up with them. iPage is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to host multiple domains with an affordable  price.

24/7 Customer Support

iPage offers 24/7 customer support via phone, online chat, and email. So, it doesn’t matter where you live, whenever you have any question or concern regarding to your website, you can contact them. Their customer support team members are always eager to help their customers, and providing satisfying solutions to any issue or problem.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Unlike most other hosting companies which only offer limited days of money back guarantee, iPage is very few hosting company that is out there offers anytime money back guarantee. Most other hosting companies will charge you whatever plan you had sign up for. For example, if you signed up for 3 years plan, they will charge you 3 years plan, and it doesn’t matter if you cancel it within 3 months; they will not refund you the rest. However, if you had iPage as your hosting provider, they will refund you whatever credit you have not used, they only charge what you have used, essentially. Therefore, iPage is a hosting company that is without risk for you.

Most Generous Web Hosting Provider

iPage perhaps is the only web hosting provider out there that offer over $500 bonus for anyone who are signing up with their hosting company. Their insane value includes $100 worth of security suite, over $300 of marketing suite, over $50 of support suite, as well as over $50 of design suite, and much more.

One of the Most Reliable Host

According to their data, iPage has the uptime of 99.99%, which is really good when compared with most other web hosting providers. We all know how important it is for our websites to stay online uninterrupted. Some of online business, you simply can not afford to have downtime. The maximum time that iPage has downtime is 4 minutes, which is quite low. And that also shows how efficient of their team is.

Following are Cons of iPage Web Hosting

Not Recommended For Medium Size Business

In a nutshell, iPage is for small business or personal use, so if you have big business or eCommerce websites, it is not recommended to go with iPage.

Money Back Guarantee (Terms of Agreement)

According to their terms of agreement, if you are paying using Paypal, and if you are cancel the service within 30 days of full refund guarantee, they will still not able to refund you. So if you just want to try iPage out, it is best to use other forms of payment that they are allowing.

Renewal Price might be a bit Above industry Standards

iPage might be the lowest price when you first time signup with them. With the price of 2.25 per month, it is pretty low when compared with the industry standard. However, if you are renewing the hosting plan, you  might find that the price a bit higher than the industry standard. The best way is to lock down the price for years when you first time sign up with them if you think of going long with them.

My Experience With iPage Web Hosting

My Experience with iPage, in short, is pretty good. Back to 2009, when I started my first website, I went with iPage. At that time, I was allured by its cheap price, and I didn’t know much about hosting. I thought all hosting companies were the same, as long as a hosting company could host my website.

I still remember the first week of being with iPage. I was facing a lot of questions because I was pretty new to this. So I basically contacted iPage customer support everyday regarding different questions. Every time, no matter how small or stupid my questions were, they were very eager to help me out until I was understood and satisfied.

In terms of downtime and uptime, I didn’t experience any of issue with that, maybe it was because of my website was pretty small back then.

Nonetheless, it was pretty good experience when hosting my first website with them.

Should You Choose iPage?

With all of those, it is time for you to make a decision, whether or not you should choose iPage. There are good about hosting with iPage, and there are not so good about hosting with them. For a first time user, I would still highly recommend them, because of their superior supports and reliability. Nonetheless, if you think your website is going to go big, then you should look for other alternative, like Bluehost or HostGator, they have more capacities of supporting your needs.

Therefore, it all comes down your plan for your website. iPage can end up to be a good choice for you, or it can end up to be a not very good choice. However, with all of their guarantees and bonus, still doesn’t hurt to give them a try.


Feng :Founder of Siteber: a full-stack web developer with more than 8 years working experience in WordPress, SEO, and internet marketing.