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Master the Art of Content Repurposing

Master the art of content repurposing can save you a lot of time. So what is repurposing? Repurposing is a way or a strategic method to leverage your existing content. In other words, it is for any content marketer to generate new content without starting from the scratch.

Many people confuse repurposing with reusing. When you reuse your content, you are just simply copying the existing content and publish it in a different format. For example, you have a blog post, and then you turn that blog post into a .pdf file and use it. This is reusing. On the other hand, repurposing is organizing content from different sources, such as blog pots, video, slideshow, etc. And then adding some new content; compiling them all together, and then publish them into different formats.

Following is an infographic that shows different formats and mediums in which you can repurpose your content in order to maximize the exposure of your content.

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