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Our Valuable Team Members

Feng Liu
Feng LiuCo-Founder
WordPress and SEO Expert; founder at who has more than 6 years working experience in website design, internet marketing, and SEO. He has Google AdWords Certification + Google Analytics Certification.
Jessie Liu
Jessie LiuCo-Founder
Digital marketer based in New York City who practices SEO, SEM, digital analytics, marketing analytics, conversion rate optimization and designs. She has worked with companies like Google, IBM, CBS and Pandologic. She writes about digital analytics over at She has Google AdWords Certification + Google Analytics Certification.
Happy the Beagle
Happy the BeagleChief Happiness Officer
Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Meet our Chief Happiness Officer: Happy. She is a 1 year old beagle mix who is committed to engage and motivate everyone who comes in contact with Siteber. She makes sure everyone takes break when she is around, and encourages people to pet and cuddle her. Oh, and she loves her milk bones and doesn’t mind if you have some.