So What Exactly is SEO

//So What Exactly is SEO

So What Exactly is SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, perhaps is the term that you have heard quite often if you have a website. So what exactly is SEO? How does it impact your website’s ranking position? And how do you improve it?

what exactly is SEOIf you asked any webmaster or website developer about those questions, a lot of them will have no clue. Many of them only know how to writing code and build beautiful websites. They do not understand the fact that even if you have the most beautiful and awesome website in the world, if no one knows it and visit it, such website is still worthless.

Now, if you asked any so called “SEO expert”, not a lot of them can give you a definite answer. Some might say SEO is all about backlinks, and others might say SEO is all about content.

One thing that I can tell you is that they are not wrong, but they are not absolute right, either. SEO is composed of many elements, such backlinks, branding, social signal, content, etc. We have written an entire post on different ranking factors. 

Basically, everything is SEO. The questions come down which are “Good” SEO and which are “Bad” SEO.

SEO is not set to stone. Today, you might think the strategy that you are using is Good for your website’s search engine optimization, but it might not be the case a week from now. Google might change their algorithms, and then green SEO might become  grey or even red.

Some people might say Google algorithms are only targeting sites that are doing off page SEO, so on page SEO is still the same. Well, they are wrong. Google is also very serious about duplicate content and website structures. If a website that has duplicated content, Google will punish it.

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Good user experience SEOA good SEO expert is able to predict Google’s next move, but not a lot of people can do that. However, one thing that is for sure, at least for next few years, that is user experience. Instead of trying to guess Google’s next move (because 99.9 % of time, you will be disappointed), a good webmaster or SEO expert will do everything to improve user experience on his or her website.

The concept is quite simple, if a user thinks  a website is very interesting, useful and full of new content, he/she will return periodically. Very likely, the content will be shared and go viral.

The majority of Google’s ranking factors is focus on user experience. Most website now have social share icons. A website/page that has most valid likes, shares, tweets, tends to rank higher. In Google’s dictionary, that means users likes the content which also convert into the notion that the content is relevant and accurate.

Of course, on page SEO is still important. You need to make sure you have good title, description and keywords. Those elements are still part of Google algorithms, and they will stay with us for a long period of time.

Now, it is your turn, tell us what exactly do you think SEO is for now? What is your SEO strategy? How do you think such strategy will last?

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