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8 12, 2017

301 Redirect vs. Canonical

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Duplicate content is big no-no when it comes to better ranking on Google or any other search engines. It is one of many problems that many webmasters will have to face and deal with in their careers. Two of the popular ways and only ways to tell search engines that certain page is not duplicated [...]

24 10, 2014

SEO Features that Web Developers Failed to Implement

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Great website developers are not only good at designing websites, but they should also excel in SEO as well. However, not a lot of webmasters out there can do both. Most of them are only good at HTML, CSS, and Javascript. SEO is a completely different animal to them. When considering SEO, many of them [...]

14 06, 2014

How To Cloak Affiliate Links

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There are many reasons why you should cloak affiliate links. There is a rumor going around saying that if you cloak your affiliate link, Google won't be able to find out that you are using an affiliate link. However, trust me, they know; they will not be fooled by those cloaking scripts. As long as you [...]