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21 08, 2016

SEnuke TNG Review – Proven Step-by-Step Guide on First Tier Link Building

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Senuke is one of many SEO tools that most marketing gurus are using in order to gain high quality backlinks in a short amount of time. As we all know, having relevant and high quality backlinks is the proven way to improve your website position on search engine. In 2016, the release of Senuke TNG [...]

15 06, 2015

5 Actionable White Hat SEO Strategies

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So many people are confused what SEO is. There are many definitions on what SEO is. I would like to think SEO is filling the blank; it is everything or anything that is happening in the world of digital marketing. SEO can be white hat, grey hat, or black hat. In this particular article, I [...]

19 10, 2014

Will the New Pirate Update Stop Piracy

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It's been almost over 2 years since Google first released the Pirate Update 1 that was programmed to fight piracy, and penalized sites that have copyright materials, such as movies. Apparently, that was not enough. A lot of media companies have accused Google hasn't done enough to fight the piracy, which made them lost billions [...]

14 06, 2014

List Of High PR DoFollow .ORG Backlinks In 2015

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Creating backlinks are important. There are different type of backlinks. Besides of high pr domain backlinks, .org and .edu backlinks are worth way more than regular .com or .net backlinks. Because they tend to have more authority, Google like those type of backlinks. Following are all .org sites that you can create backlinks from, and [...]

10 06, 2014

How Search Engines Work Using a 3 Step Process

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For any search engine, there are always three steps involved: Crawling, Indexing and Ranking. Also, those steps need to be in such sequence. Among all of them, ranking is perhaps the most controversial to the SEO communities. Let's begin with crawling. Basically, each search engine will have its own spiders that are going around the [...]