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15 06, 2015

5 Actionable White Hat SEO Strategies

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So many people are confused what SEO is. There are many definitions on what SEO is. I would like to think SEO is filling the blank; it is everything or anything that is happening in the world of digital marketing. SEO can be white hat, grey hat, or black hat. In this particular article, I [...]

19 01, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to Be Responsive

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Tablets and Smartphones are slowing taking over desktop and laptop. Especially in 2014 and 2015, the growth of using Smartphones has been exponentiated. In part because of social pressures and the fact that all cell phone carriers are forcing people to switch to Smartphones. If you are checking out most carriers' phones section, they have [...]

31 08, 2014

Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter Anymore

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PR (PageRank) is basically a number that Google is using to determine how authority of a website has. PR is ranged between 0 to 9; the more authority of a website has, they higher the number it will have. Now, in general, it is easier to get a PR 1 to PR4 website, as oppose [...]

29 08, 2014

Top 10 Local Search Ranking Factors

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A lot of people are confused with the term Local Citation; in the world of SEO, local citation is simply another form of SEO but mainly focus on locally. Local citation is simpler than the normal SEO; it is mainly for the local business. It is places where your company is being mentioned. For example, [...]

7 08, 2014

SSL is a Ranking Factor Now in Google’s Ranking Algorithm

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According to the official Google Webmaster, SSL is being treated as one of the ranking factors in Google's Ranking Algorithm now. So what is SSL? SSL or Secure Socket Layers is basically a security technology that protects or encrypts links between hosting server and your browser, so that all data are being encrypted and harder [...]

5 08, 2014

Top Ranking Factors in 2015 and Beyond Based on Data

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Google’s ranking factors have become more sophisticated in the past few years. Search Engine Optimization is also a constantly changing field.  Google ranks content based on its quality and it does by measuring the number & the quality of backlinks it has. However, in the past 2 – 3 years, social media has become an [...]