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20 03, 2016

Why You Should Promote Your Business on YouTube

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YouTube is 3rd most popular website in the world. Despite of its popularity and huge potential leads to companies, many business owners tend to shun away from it, because they are afraid of trying new marketing method. The world is changing; especially in this digital age, people's shopping behavior is changing rapidly. Those who fail [...]

8 12, 2014

How to Display YouTube Video in Lightbox

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In this short tutorial, I am going to show you an easy way that you can display YouTube or Vimeo video in Lightbox. Most of us know that YouTube is the most popular platform that we can utilize to generate traffic to a website, but it is also a very good place that you can [...]

25 07, 2014

How to Hide YouTube Title bar, Control, and Ending Ads

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Most people should know that YouTube is the number one video site online, and because of its fast server, people like to take the advantage of it by hosting videos there. However, the annoy things about embed default YouTube video are ending ads, title and control bar. With those in place, instead of staying on [...]