The Evolution of SEO: Then vs Now

//The Evolution of SEO: Then vs Now

The Evolution of SEO: Then vs Now

SEO landscape has changed a lot in the past couple years. It used to be more focus on singular keywords and page optimization. Ranking was the key to SEO. Today, the focus has shifted to a much broader user engagement with a particular brand, product and service. When it comes to top activities for in-house SEO, keyword research is not the top priority anymore. Other things like analytics, content creation and social media marketing have become more and more important for SEOs.


In the old world, SEO focus on singular keywords and how pages rank based on these keywords. However, today, we focus on keyword intent and user needs, which means long tail searches are more important. Interestingly, up to 70% of search traffic actually comes from long tail keywords. Today we are also focusing conversion rate and performance metrics much more than just keywords ranking.


In the old days, content was solely created for search engine and ranking purposes, there was no regard to content quality or relevance. However, today, it is important to create content that provides real value to the audience, focusing on the audience it will attract. In fact, content marketing is the core of any SEO strategy today.

Link Building

SEO used to be all about link building. So long as you build links, regardless whether it was spammy or not, it will work. However, it is not the case anymore. If you buy 5,000 comment backlink to target a specific keyword, your site will not only not rank, your entire site might get penalized by Google. Now only quality backlinks will help boosting the authority of your website and help rank your site. Most quality backlinks can be built with relationship building. It is all about quality content and relationship building.

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Do you have a SEO strategy for your business website? Does it involve content marketing, social media, user experience and relationship building?


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