Top 10 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

//Top 10 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

We are human, so we are not perfect in everything. We make mistakes everyday. Likewise, when comes to WordPress, users  tend to make some common mistakes. Following are top 10 common  mistakes that most beginners tend to make when working with WordPress.

1. Not Creating Backups Regularly

Like most things in life, you should always have backup plans. Because if one thing doesn’t work out the way you wanted, you can always choose 2nd plan. In fact, backing up site is very important. Sooner or later, your site will break, and you will be good to know if you have backups. You can create backups of your site by using plugins such as “BackUpWordpress” or “Backup Buddy”; you can set it to run automatically, maybe doing it once per week or two weeks.

2. Auto Update WordPress Version

Most people tend to do auto update WordPress Version, because it seems to be easy, you just need one click and done. In my experience, about 30 percent of time, your theme might not compatible with latest version of WordPress, which in result, the site will break and result errors. Of course, most often, it will not happen. However, instead of taking chance, it is always best to do it manually via FTP or Cpanel. The folder that you shouldn’t be replace is WP-Content folder. You can just replace other folders and files. This way, you can always reverse back if the update doesn’t work out.

3.  Updating WordPress Address + Site Address

99 percent of time, WordPress Address and Site Address in Setting -> General should always be the same. You should avoid to change those two fields, because if you do, you might not be able to access your site, or your site will break.

4.  Adding Codes or Changing Codes in Function.php

Function.php is a very sensitive file; one small mistake will break your site, and you will not be able to access or see the site.  Of course, I am not saying you should never touch it, but before you do it, make sure you have ftp access to your site, and backup function.php file first, and then adding or changing codes.

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5. Not Setting Up Permalink

It is always good practice to setup Permalink when you first setup the WordPress; all you need to do just go to Setting -> Permalink, and select Post name, and click save. It only takes 3 seconds or less.

6. Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word

Almost 80 percent of WordPress users, copy and paste content from Microsoft Word, and after they viewing their content, they will notice that format are all different. The reason for that, it is because format of WordPress visual editor is quite different from Microsoft Word, when you copy content from MS, all hidden style codes also being carried over. The best way to do it, it is to copy the content from MS and paste on Notepad, and then copy the content from Notepad and then paste into WP visual editor.

7.  Forgot to Change WordPress default Tagline and Title

The first thing you should do when you setup your WordPress is to change those two areas; you can change them at Setting -> General

8.  WordPress Security

WordPress is very popular blog platform, but it also carried high risk of getting hacked. So, the best practice is to setup security when you first time setup the site. Such as changing prefix, and install few top security plugins, such as

Better Security

Sucuri Security

BulletProof Security

Also, always avoid to use admin as username.

9.  Forgot Deleting Sample Page and Hello post

In default, when you first setup WordPress, it will automatically create one post and one page for you. You should always delete those two first because you begin blogging or creating pages.

10. Add too Many Unnecessary Plugins.

This is the most common mistake that people tend to make whether they are doing it subconsciously or not. You should always check your plugins, delete plugins that you no longer need. In general, you do not need 50 plugins to run a site.

Of course, there are still quite few other mistakes that people tend to make, but those are the most common mistakes that I have found.

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Founder of Siteber: a full-stack web developer with more than 8 years working experience in WordPress, SEO, and internet marketing.


  1. Ashish Ajani September 29, 2014 at 10:24 am - Reply

    Additionally quite a few times I found peoples making common mistakes like Forgetting to change the default admin username, Using the default favicon and most important one is choosing and applying theme against their requirements and it can cause lading issues for even a simplar sites. Nice article.

  2. David March 5, 2016 at 12:44 pm - Reply

    There is no doubt that almost every blogger or webmaster do these WordPress mistakes once in their life.

    & These mistakes help them to learn something new again and again with time.

    You have listed here almost all the major WordPress mistakes which bloggers do including me.

    I have also did so many mistakes in my WordPress blog. I can remember when I started my 1st blog, I never created any BackUp of my WordPress site. One day, by mistake I deleted the database of my blog from Cpanel and It created a major issue in my site.

    I didn’t knew anything about it so I started my blog again by re-installing the WordPress.

    That was the unforgettable mistake because It contained hard work of almost 2 months and I completely losed it by deleting the database.

    After that day, I always take complete BackUp of my each site.

    Thanks for covering such a nice article so that people can learn about these mistakes and also can avoid them. 😀

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