Top 10 Highly Engaging and Shareable Content Types

//Top 10 Highly Engaging and Shareable Content Types

Top 10 Highly Engaging and Shareable Content Types

By having content marketing in your team is one thing, but by implementing content marketing strategy is another thing. To be succeed in content marketing, you want to create not just content, but you need highly engaging and shareable content.

Whenever we talk about why content marketing is important, most people would just jump in and proclaim that is because “content is king!” Yes, that is used to be true. However, not anymore. We are living in a information-overloaded world. Every day, millions of articles are being published. In order for your article to stand out, it needs to be interesting and people want to share content with their friends and followers.

In this article, I am going to share the top 10 highly engaging and shareable content types:

Top 10 Highly Engaging and Shareable Content Types

1. How-To Style Articles

Even though it seems pretty old-fashion, this type of articles is still very popular, and as long as people are still want to learn things, it will not go anywhere.

2. Product Reviews

This is another one that a lot of people are searching for everyday. However, if you want to do product reviews, you need to very keen on the latest products.

3. Case Studies

Case studies is a powerful way to convert your potential prospects to clients. And, it is also one of the most searching terms in the marketing community.

4. Top 10 Lists

Let’s be honest, not a lot of people want to read long paragraphs. People like to read bullet points. As more information are flowing into internet, people are getting lazier. Top 10 lists type of articles is more preferable to most readers.

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5. Infographics

Images are never getting old. Especially with the increasing mobile users, people like to see images. They are easy to share and read when compared with long articles.

6. Slideshow

It might seems pretty old business fashion, but slideshow or PowerPoint is still a good way to increase reader engagement rate. It is a neat and simple way to illustrate a particular point.

7. Video

Now, for most people, it might sounds strange, but video is a part of content marketing and it is a very powerful way of increasing a company’s brand awareness.

8. Trending Topics

By having trending topics everyday can surely increase the engagement. Let’s face it, most of us want to read new stuffs every day. Especially tending stuffs, social media just like those.

9.  Statistics

Not sure why, but people like to read numbers. Statistics in an article somehow show reader that the article is well-written and worth to be shared.

10. Quiz or Poll

By implementing a quiz or poll into a post not only is a great way to learn more about your readers, but it also engages them. Also people like to share their opinions.


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