Top 10 Lead Generation Tactics for 2015

//Top 10 Lead Generation Tactics for 2015

Top 10 Lead Generation Tactics for 2015

Increasing Lead generation is the ultimate goal for any marketing plan. For any marketing strategy, you want people to check out your website, and induce them to opt-in by either providing a good experience or giving them incentives.

In the world of marketing, there are many lead generation tactics, and they keep evolving as new technologies invented and customers change their online behavior. However, the very foundation is still staying the same. That is, a better user experience.

Following are Top 10 Lead Generation Tactics for 2015:

Top 10 Lead Generation Tactics for 2015


Opt-in Tactics:

1. Popup Opt-in

Now, let’s be honest, we all hate something popup right after when we enter a website. From a user perspective, it is annoy. Also, in marketing perspective, it is not very effective. Very often, if an opt-in jumps out too soon, most users will simply close it. The timing on Popup is very crucial. Normally, you want to set it to be at least 30 seconds delay.

2. Exit-intent Popup

Most online marketers use exit-intent popup in hoping of turning abandon visitors into subscribers. If a visitor wants to leave a website, he/she will leave. However, with exit-intent popup, it can maximize the number of subscribers.

3. Load on Second Pageview

I am surprised; not a lot of online marketers are using this tactic. In my opinion, this is one of the best opt-in tactics. If a visitor goes to your site, and then check out other post, it is very likely he or she is interested in your website. Therefore, it is very likely he or she will opt-in.

4. After Post Opt-In

Another great Opt-in tactic is after post Opt-in. It is one of the most user friendly and effective ways to get more subscribers. Also, after post Opt-in subscribers tend to be ones that are really interested in your content.

Now, there are a lot of Opt-in plugins out there. One of the plugins that I find can accomplish all and much more is OptinMonster.

5. Udemy

Believe it or not, online education is booming in the recent years. There are many people making passive income by teaching classes online. One of the most popular platforms is Udemy. You do not have to be expertise in teaching. In fact, a lot of instructors are offering classes for free. Why? because they can obtain emails of their interested audiences, and they can message their students anytime with products offering or updates. Now, that is a very good way of generating a targeted list.

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6. Email Signatures

I know, Email signatures tactic sounds so old. However, it works. Email has been and will continue to be the primary way of communicating among people. So why not take the advantage of it by maximizing the potential.

7. Incentives

Most people online like free stuffs. As a result of such online behavior, a lot of online marketers are adapting this very tactic by offering free e-book, Free webinars, etc. Of course, in order to be effective, the free stuffs need to be tightly related to your niche website, so that you know those subscribers are right type of audience.

8. Gated Videos

Let’s face it, everyone likes to watch videos. If you are expertise in creating high quality video, this might be a very good way of generating massive leads. Gated videos have been used by many great marketers. Of course, to make it user friendly, you should never force users to Opt-in in order to view the video; always give users an option to skip the Opt-in.

9. Google+ Community

Recently, there has been a lot of rumors out there that Google will shutdown Google+ for good. It might sounds unrealistic, but some of Google+ communities are still very active. By posting good content to those communities can surely generate targeted audience to your sites and very likely they will become your leads.

10. Other Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are still big players in social media. Believe it or not, a lot of online marketers get massive leads from Linkedin alone. They are all very powerful; it is just matter of how you use them effectively.

Of course, having a good list is just the foundation of email marketing. It is the important process of filtering out bad ones from good ones. However, how you utilize the list to convert prospects into sales should be the end goal. You should never ever force prospects into buying something. Being pushy will only end up them unsubscribing from the list, and you do not want that. Not only will it diminish your list, it can potential hurt your online reputation and brand.

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