Top 10 Reasons Small Business In New York Needs SEO

//Top 10 Reasons Small Business In New York Needs SEO

Top 10 Reasons Small Business In New York Needs SEO

As a small business owner in New York, you probably know that in order to compete with other owners, you need to adopt some digital marketing solutions. So, you have your business website setup, you have submitted your website to business listing directories, and you have created social media profiles for your business. At this point, you might be wondering what more you can do to improve your business.

You might have received emails or calls from companies that try to sell you SEO services. They probably didn’t tell you why your website needs SEO services.  Trust me, most of those companies do not even know what SEO is. Because if you go to their websites and look at their websites’ Alexa ranking, you can tell they barely get any traffic. Now, how can they help you, if they can’t even help themselves in SEO-wise. So retarded, isn’t it…

Of course, SEO is real. If your business website is fully SEO optimized, your online business can be very good.

Now, let’s go back to small business in New York. In today’s competitive market, I do believe every small business in New York needs SEO.

Following are the Top 10 Reasons Small Business In New York Needs SEO

Small Business In New York

1. Better Long-Term ROI

A successful SEO campaign can create tons of organic traffic to your business website. Unlike other paid traffic, such as PPC, you will get unlimited clicks for free.

2. Brand Building

Brand building is part of SEO. So, by doing SEO correctly, it can boost your brand awareness.

3. Most People are Searching Online

With the increasing usage of internet, most people are using search engines to search business or service online. The correct implement of SEO campaign can generate extra organic traffic.

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4. SEO is Forever

You might heard some rumors that are saying SEO is dead or SEO is not working. Well,  SEO is not dead; it is evolving. As long as internet and search engines exist, SEO will never be going anywhere.

5. Mobile Computing Era

Mobile traffic continues to climb at an exponential rate, which means a lot of people are using mobile to find businesses or services. With the proper SEO implementation, your website will be list on top mobile research results.

6. Local Competition

Your competitors are probably thinking the same thing, and trying everything to beat you online, including SEO. In order to stay in the game, you need to do the same or better; otherwise, you will be out.

7. Cost-effective

Compared with other online marketing, such as PPC and social media marketing, SEO is perhaps the most cost-effective way of generating leads.

8. SEO Drives Offline Sales

Before deciding to purchase a products or sign up a services, most people nowadays will go to internet and search it first, and then to go store to purchase it. Therefore, it is very important and can be a real game changer is your website is being listed on 1st spot with certain top keyword phrases.

9. Measurable Results

With Google analytics, you can measure, evaluated, and correct your SEO campaign. By doing so, it can make the SEO campaign more successful, and create a better ROI.

10.  Better Conversion/Leads

SEO is highly targeted. if a person is searching for the particular service in your area, and your website is ranked #1, very likely that he/she will call you and request the service from you.


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