Top 10 Tips on How To Increase Alexa Ranking

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Top 10 Tips on How To Increase Alexa Ranking

What Is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa is the top internet traffic statistics website. It has a ranking system that measures how popular a website is. The smaller number of your website Alexa traffic rank has, the better. The most popular website is  given the number 1 ranking and the second most popular will be given number 2 ranking, and so forth. Currently, is the most popular website and is the second most popular. Unlike Google ranking algorithm, Alexa ranking algorithm is pretty simple. It is basically calculated by taking into the account of how many visitors visited your site in the past 3 months and how many pages viewed on each visit.  Therefore, your website traffic and bounce rate can play a vital role in determine your website’s Alexa traffic rank.

How To Increase Alexa Ranking

According to Alexa, following are top 50 most popular websites:


 How Does Alexa Ranking Work

Alexa ranking is based on the information that is sent to Alexa by  using its toolbar. So basically, users download the Alexa toolbar in website, or from browser extensions web store. After installed, you will see an icon that is displayed next to your browser search bar:

How Does Alexa Ranking Work

Not only the toolbar provides the basic Alexa traffic rank information on each website that you are visiting, it also collects information from users and send data to Alexa’s server, so that they can use such information to determine how popular a website is.

Now, Alexa does not display all websites’ historical data; only if a website is in the top 100,000, Alexa will display the website’s historical data. There are many internet marketers claim that if you site is able to make it to the top 100k, then it is the indication that your website has pretty decent traffic.

However, not all people believe in Alexa traffic rank, because they claim that not everyone has the Alexa toolbar extension installed in his/her browser. Also, Alexa ranking can be cheated, such as buying fake traffic.

Even thought it might be true that Alexa traffic rank is not a great way or the most accurate way to determine a website’s popularity, still it is a great platform to show your SEO or marketing efforts. Overall, if your website’s Alexa traffic rank is above 100k, the data might not be accurate or reliable.

Does Alexa Rank Matter

Regarding to this question, it really depends. Alexa ranking, as I mentioned above, is not accurate and relevant to most of websites online. If your site’s ranking is above 100k, then you can expect the inaccuracy of the data; thus, Alexa rank doesn’t matter in this case.

However, it matters when you want to join Affiliate network programs. Most network programs are using Alexa Ranking as one of the key component to determine the potential of a website.

Alexa rank also matters when you want to sell your site. Potential buyers like to use Alexa as a measurement to determine if the website is worth buying or not.

Last but not least, Alexa rank matters when it comes to authority. A higher authority site tends to have a better Alexa Rank.

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

1.  Website Traffic

Traffic is the key component that determine your Alexa ranking; thus, by increasing your website traffic can surely increase your Alexa ranking. It is a no brainer.

Now, there are many ways to increase website traffic, both none SEO and SEO.

For those who do not want to step into the World of SEO, you can follow the following tips to increase traffic:

– Blog regularly: write posts/articles that are interesting and useful to users.

– Encourage users or visitors to share your articles via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media channels.

For those who want to try the SEO approach, you can follow the following tips to drive more traffic:

– Implement meta information to each post, such as title, keyword phrases, and description. (make sure title that contain keyword phrase that you want to rank)

– Add alt Tag to all images (this will increase your images’ SERPs in Google image search results, thus they will increase your website traffic)

– Proper On-page linking and Off-Page Linking

2. Install Alexa toolbar

Add alexa toolbar to your browsers can help to track your website traffic, as well as the ranking for your website.

3. Add Alexa Widget

It is very easy to implement Alexa Widget to your website in WordPress. First, you can go to here, and copy the code there.

Simply replace with your site domain name.

4. Quality Posts

Although quantity can be a way of establishing your site at the beginning, Quality is actually the only way to generate quality traffic. If you have high quality and useful articles, people will bookmark and share the articles for you. It is actually the safest way to generate sustainable traffic to your website.

5. Generate Quality and Relevant Backlinks

Although not as important as it used to be, backlinks strategy is still one of top components for both ranking a website and generating organic traffic to your website. However, be very careful on which websites you are linking from. Bad linking strategy will do more harm than good.

6. Share Your Post to Social Networking Sites

Only share yous post to social networking sites that are working and generate traffics to your site.

Submit your post to thousands of social networking sites will do no good if they do not generate any traffic; instead of hoping gaining traffic, this aggressive method might got your website penalized, so be very careful and selective on which social networking sites that you want to share your articles.

7. Submit to Blog Directories

Although there are many people claim that submit site to blog directories strategy has been dead, still if you are doing it properly and selectively, it can be another ways of generating traffic to your site. (Just Do NOT over do it.)

8. Claim Your Website on

It is very easy to claim website at

1. go to and sign up an account

2. go to here, enter you site

3.  Using one of three Methods, and implement it to your site. (I used method 2, it is easier in my opinion; you simply copy the meta information, and then go to Appearance -> Editor, head.php, and paste the code before </head>

Claim Your Website on Alexa

4. After that is done, you can click the Verify My ID button (if you have any Cache plugin installed and activated, you might need to go to the setting page, and clear the cache first)

9. Engage Users

It is important to engage with people who commented on your site, or any other blogs/websites that are related to your niche.

10. Using Newsletter Opt-in

Last but not the least, a good Opt-in list can help you generate considerable amount of traffic. It is very easy to sign up and implement one. One of the most popular one is MailChimp, and we are using it as well.

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  1. Forlia August 10, 2014 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    You can divide your cathegories with sub domain. That one of the best trick in alexa rank

  2. Matt November 15, 2014 at 10:35 am - Reply

    I use to follow all of the tricks you have mentioned here, but my website’s Alexa ranking is stable ane even its not been improved since I put an affort on it. Do you have any idea why its so?

    • Feng Liu November 15, 2014 at 5:06 pm - Reply

      It might take few weeks to see the results… It is just like SEO, it usually takes few weeks to see the result

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