Top 5 Facebook Mistakes Small Businesses Make

//Top 5 Facebook Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Top 5 Facebook Mistakes Small Businesses Make

We all make mistakes when it comes to manage Facebook page in part because Facebook is still a pretty new medium to most small businesses. Some businesses are still in the process of learning more about its features and uncovering the hidden gems. As a result, some businesses are often making mistakes that you are not aware of. We all know mistakes happen, but once you have learned those obvious mistakes, you will able to identify and avoid them so that you can have increased engagement.

Following are Top 5 Facebook Mistakes

  • Broadcasting Instead of Providing Users with Relevant Content and Engaging Them
  • Believe it or not, nearly over 90% of online businesses are making this stupid mistake. They believe as long as you have a Facebook page setup, and feed it with random and boring content, users will engage.

    If you have talked to any digital marketing consultant, they will tell you that such strategy is big no on Facebook. Maybe it used to work in the past, but it is not working now, and it will not work in the future anymore. In order to have a powerful Facebook page, a vehicle that can provide you value at the end, you need to provide user with interesting and relevant content, as well as engaging them on daily basis.

  • Not Using Facebook insights to Analyze Your Facebook Page
  • Almost everything in the world if you want to maximize its potential, then you will need to analyze it. Facebook is no exceptional. Most businesses do not aware that Facebook has a very useful tool that can help them check stats, such as demographic information, and as well what time that a certain post being shared the most. The information that is generated by Facebook insights is very valuable; you can use it to analyze your target audience, total interactions per post, and the time that has the most interaction, so that you can better utilize your resources to maximize its potential.

  • Forgot to Fill out all Information on Facebook Page
  • One section that most businesses are forgetting to fill out is the “About” section. Just like any website, you need to have an “About” page, so people can go to and learn more about your business. Don’t ever expect people will Google your business in order to learn about it. It is always a good practice to do whatever that is possible that can make users easier when it comes to information.

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    Now, you have only limited words that you can put in the “About” section, so it is the best to deliver message the can convey what your business mission, value, and vision are in a short amount of words.

  • Not Realizing Tactics that are Using are Violating Facebook’s Terms
  • Most social media platforms have their terms and agreement. Of course, about 99% of people do not read about it. However, they are there for a reason. It is always to scan through it.

    One of the most common mistakes that is violating Facebook’s terms is by “tagging” people randomly. First of all, it is damn annoy to users, because they do not agree to be tagged to begin with and posts are not related to them at all. Secondly, most businesses are not aware that by tagging people so that can attract attention to your Facebook page is a violation of terms; it is an abusive behavior can be reported and your page will be suspended.

  • Maximizing the Potential of Your Cover Photo
  • The first thing that people see when they are landing on your Facebook page is over photo. Your Facebook cover photo is like a billboard that needs to convey message clearly, so that people can almost guess what you business is without reading further.

    If a photo can convey your business, then it is always a preferred way to market. People like to see images not read. It is people’s online behavior now, and it will be for many years to come. Therefore, it is worthwhile to spend time to design your Facebook cover photo that delivers right message and convert.

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