Top 5 Old SEO Methods You Should Stop Using

//Top 5 Old SEO Methods You Should Stop Using

Top 5 Old SEO Methods You Should Stop Using

It is always easy to stick to what you have known. Especially when it comes to SEO, there are still a lot of people and so called “SEO Gurus”  using old SEO methods that are no longer effective, or worse using those old methods that actually do more harm to your site than helping your SERPs.

You need to know that old SEO techniques don’t always equal to good marketing anymore. Quite opposite, most of old SEO techniques are now being considered spams in which they were used to be considered great ways of gaining backlinks in the old days. Now, most search engines only count good links, and any bad backlinks will be counted against your sites.

Most search engines are getting smarter every day, and as the technology involves so are the search engines. I know it is hard to believe and accept this new concept. However, in order to stay ahead, especially in the SEO world, you need to adopt the changes quick.

Anyhow, following are top 5 Old SEO methods that I think you should stop doing now if you are still doing them.

1. Article Submissions

Remember the old days that most search engine results were from “EzineArticles” and  “Squidoo” sites. In fact, Article submissions was being consider the top method of getting traffic and backlinks. Most online marketers were doing it because it was easy and effective. Now, it is quite opposite. Google actually considers most links from EzineArticles to be spams, because they knows most marketers are doing it not for the audiences or online visitors; they are doing that simply for the sake of trying to get backlinks. People, Google is smarter than you think.

2. Irrelevant  Comments

If you are a site owner, you probably have experienced thousands of irrelevant comments. If you are still doing it, please stop; they are not only annoy as hell, but it is also wasting time of doing it. First of all, most sites have anti spam system implemented; what you are trying to spam will only result in spam section, and they will not be looked at or even approved. Even if the comments are being auto approved, now consider this, there are probably thousands of people like you doing the same thing; how many outbound links you think will have.

 3. Directory Submissions

Yes, that bring back my old memory. I used to be like most online marketers, and I would spend a day or two to submit my sites to thousands of online directory sites through both auto submission and manually submission. They were working very well. My site was  gaining thousands of visitors everyday. Not until few years later, my site was getting punished; most my keyword phrases were used to be top search engine results were no where to be found. Well, that sure taught me something.

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4. Reciprical Linking or Link Exchanges

When I first time started link building, link exchanges were very popular. There were actually quite few websites out there that were kind of like middlemen which you can submit your site to them, and then in a day or two, a lot of other site owners will email you and and ask you if you want to do link exchanges. And you look at their sites, if they are in your niche, you will exchange links with them. Now, that will not work anymore. Also, trust me, Google can easy track that you are doing link exchanges by analyzing backlinks.

5. Quantity Over Quality

It used to be like if you have more sites that are pointing to your site, your site will be ranking higher. At least that was how it worked when the first time search engines appear. Trust me, I used to do that, I would creating thousands backlinks by submitting sites to articles directories, bookmarking sites, press releases, commenting, etc. And it used to work very well; well, some of them might still work, but not as effective as they used to be. Nonetheless, those type of technique will soon be categorized as spams or Black-hat. If you are in for a long term, then it is not worth the time.


The above are top 5 old SEO methods that I have found are not working as effective as they used to be, and most of them are now being considered spams and Black-hat. If you are still doing them, it might be the perfect time to stop. It will not do any good to your site. As the technology and social media involves, I think in the near future, search results will no longer based on backlinks (at least not as heavily as it used to); instead, the research results will mainly based on social media signal and site content. Those are just my assumption, but if you have other opinion, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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