Top Reasons Why Most Social Media Strategies Fail

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Top Reasons Why Most Social Media Strategies Fail

It might sounds hash, but social media strategies that almost 90% of companies implemented are doomed to fail.

We are living in the digital world; almost every company has at least one social media account. However, just because your company has Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest accounts,  that doesn’t mean or guarantee a company can succeed online.

Even if a company has a lot of followers, fans and likes, that still doesn’t mean the social media strategy is working. You know a particular social media strategy is working when you see a positive ROI. However, the truth is that instead of making money, almost all companies are losing money on social media.

You’v probably heard some stories that how one can generate ten folds of revenue from Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads. I am not saying they are all fake; I do believe some of them are real, and they are actually very good in social media strategies.

Now, if you really think about it, a good online marketing guru will not need to work for other companies, one can easily generate 6 digits income by working for oneself. Then, what are left are those  what so called “marketing specialists” that are working for traditional companies. Of course, some of those “marketing specialists” are still pretty good; they have some decent marketing strategies, but most of them don’t.

The truth is that a social marketing strategy is not just about posting an update and tell the world that you have new product or service, it is all about how success you are able to interact and engage with your targeted audience. If you are not able to do that, then your social media strategy are doomed to fail.

Top Reasons Why Most Social Media Strategies Fail

Instead of shouting at your followers or audience, you need to take some time to listen to them. Successful digital marketers spent almost half of their working hours to interact with their followers or audience, and to get know better on what their audience want and like. In this way, they will have better ideas on what content their followers want to read and share. What is the point of sharing something that your audience do not want to read or share?

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social media strategyAnother mistake that most marketing specialists are making is failed to understand that each social media should be treated different. Instead of wasting time on a social media outlet that is not meant for your business, you should spend more time on the one that is working and meant for you business. Let’s take Pinterest as an example. It is an awesome social outlet for any food related business. You can post pictures of all delicious food and then post order information in the description. This strategy can generate tons of leads. On the other hand, if you are a law firm, it will be irrelevant to post pictures of your law office; it is just wasting time to do that because on one is going to see pictures of your law office.

Additionally, successful marketing gurus know when is prime time to schedule tweets or posts, so they can generate the most traffic and convert leads. To find out the prime time for your niche business, it might take many trials before getting it right.

The last one is what I believe the most important part: monitoring and measuring. In order to be succeed in any social media outlet, you need to monitor and measure each social media outlet, and then improve your social marketing strategies accordingly. Following are free tools that you can use to measure: Klout, Social Mention, Keyhole, Twitter Analytics, and Facebook Insights.

Of course, there are still many other reasons. but the above are what I think the top reasons why most social media strategies fail. It doesn’t matter which social media, interact and engage with your target audience is the crucial fact that determine the success of your social marketing strategies.


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