Ultimate Guide to Building An Amazon Affiliate Website

//Ultimate Guide to Building An Amazon Affiliate Website

Ultimate Guide to Building An Amazon Affiliate Website


1. Why Building an Amazon Affiliate Website

Before we start to dive in on how to build an Amazon affiliate website. Let’s ask ourselves why we pick Amazon affiliate program specifically. As an internet marketer, I know there are many affiliate programs out there, and most of them are paying way more commission than Amazon’s. However, none of them converts as better or faster than Amazon’s.

Amazon is a well respected company, and people trust it. It has build in authority, so you basically don’t need to try to hard to promote its products. The amazing part of the Amazon Affiliate program is that once an user clicks on your affiliate link, the cookie will “follow” the user, and you will get commission when the user buys any product on Amazon.

2. Join Amazon Affiliate Program

If you have not done so, the very first thing you should be doing now is sign up with the Amazon affiliate program. The sign up process is pretty straightforward, you can go to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com, click on the Join Now for Free button, and then login with your Amazon account. If you don’t have an amazon account, you can sign one up for free by checking the box “I am a new customer.”, and then you can follow the steps to create a new Amazon account.

3. Choose a Right Niche

There are millions of products on Amazon that you can promote. For a beginner, it is always a good advice to promote products that you know the best. Remember there is no good or bad products/niches; every niche has its buyers, and potential of getting sales.

Nonetheless, since Amazon’s commission is so low, it is recommended to promote products with high price tags. If you can not find high end products, you can still promote low price products; quantity counts. Also, Amazon’s cookies stays for 24 hours, so within the time frame, you can still receive commission if an user buys any product from Amazon.


1. Register a Domain Name

Many old internet marketers might advice you to choose a domain name that is exactly matching the niche/product that you want to promote, because it can instantly give your website a ranking booster. However, that is no longer the case. When it comes to Google ranking, the more authorities your website has, the higher of your website content will be ranked on Google. Therefore, when you choose a domain name, you should always focus on building an authority site. Building a website that can allow you to expand your website into different niches. The more content your website has, the more established it will be.

You can purchase your domain through many domain registrars. For a beginner, I would recommend you simply purchase domain through HostGator or Bluehost.

2. Sign Up a Hosting Company

There are many hosting companies out there to choose from. However, based on my experience, HostGator and Bluehost are two most reliable hosting companies out there.

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For Bluehost, you are basically getting a free domain when you sign up with them.

The sign up is pretty straightforward, you are basically heading to their websites, and then sign up a hosting package that suits you the best. Normally, you should always choose linux as your hosting package.

After you have sign up a hosting package, they will send you login information to your Cpanel within few minutes.

3. Install WordPress

After you have received your Cpanel login information to your Cpanel, it is time to login to it, and setup WordPress on your Domain url.

For most hosting Cpanel, you will see a section call “Website” or “Software and Service”, and in that section, you will see WordPress installation icon, or some types of quick install apps that allows you quickly install WordPress on your domain url.

Install WordPress on HostGator

Install WordPress on HostGator

Install WordPress on Bluehost

Install WordPress on Bluehost

3. Install WordPress Theme

There are many WordPress themes that you can choose from to setup your Amazon affiliate site. After you have installed WordPress, you will receive the login information to your WordPress site. After login to the Dashboard, you can go to Appearance -> Themes, and then click Add New, and then you will see a list of free WordPress theme that you can use.

Of course, if none of these themes appeals to you, you can go to Themeforest, a premium WordPress themes eCommerce website, where you can buy one that you like the most, and then install the theme on your website.

To install a premium theme, you can login to your website dashboard, and then go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme, upload your theme, click install and activate.

3. Install WordPress Plugins

There are many WordPress plugins that can improve your website performance. Following are few plugins that I would highly recommend to install on your WordPress site.


To install those plugin, you can simply login to your website dashboard, and then go to Plugins -> Add New, and search for those plugins.

4. Create Amazing/Useful Amazon Affiliate Content

There are thousands of affiliates that are out there promoting Amazon products. What make your affiliate content or website differentiate from others is what will make you a successful affiliate marketer.

The good thing is that almost 95% of affiliate marketers that are out there do not understand the value of useful content. Most of them are promoting affiliate products, just for sake of promoting them. They do not provide values or useful information to visitors. And, that is why most affiliate marketers failed to generate their first buckets of gold.

To become a good Amazon affiliate marketer, for any product that you are trying to promote, you need to do a lot of research. Believe it or not, you do not have to generate fresh new content for you. Most of information that you can find online, such as forum, QA, etc. Questions such as pros and cons of a certain product and comparison among similar products are very good starting points to generate Amazon affiliate content, and build your website.

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