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Every business needs a website. It doesn’t matter if you only operate your business locally or worldwide, having a website is branding, an image that will stay with your business for a long period of time. Especially in the city, you are facing a lot of competition; you need to stay competitive and unique in order to stay afloat and survive.

Website Development NYC

New York City is the most expensive to live in the World. No one can argue with that. A few weeks ago, I read something in the news that saying a parking spot was sold for 1 million dollars. Yes, that is how expensive of living in the city.  When it comes to web design or digital marketing services, it is always expensive. A simple 5 pages website will run above 3k. Not to mention more professional or eCommerce type of websites. Perhaps, that is why a lot of local business still do not have websites.

When it comes to run a business or provide services in the city, a business owner needs to inflate the price in order to offset such high costs. For those who have live in the city for few years should know New York City is just one of five boroughs, there are Web Design in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Long Island; they are always more affordable.

It is no different when it comes to web design service or any other digital marketing services. In New York City, it can cost you more than 10k to build a 5 pages website. However, in Queens, you can get one done in less than 3k.

Now, many might argue they are charging more in the city because they are providing better services to their clients.

If you are interested in hiring a web designer, look outside of the city. Web design and development in Queens and Brooklyn tend to be more affordable. Especially in Queens, overhead costs for business are less expensive among all boroughs.

Now, there are still many web design companies out there in Queens. Most of them do not have adequate knowledge of website design and SEO; and most of them take too much time to get your site up and running.

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Our web design is different. We are based in Queens, but we provide services to all boroughs. We have been in web design services for more than 8 years. In the past, we are providing service globally. Now, we are changing our mission, and focus on local business. We believe in every local business in New York should have a website and online present. They should have the same competitive edges as those big companies.


We have extended knowledge in web design, SEO, graphic design, PPC, and many digital marketing services. All of our staffs are Google partners; each of us has Google Adword Certificate and Google Analytics Certificate. Therefore, unlike other web design companies, we know what we are doing.

Now in terms of pricing, we are the most affordable digital marketing agency in New York City. Not a lot of companies out there can compete with us.

Our services are affordable doesn’t necessary means our quality is bad. Quite opposite, we provide high quality services; we combine both design and SEO, so that your website can generate targeted traffic for your website, and generate more leads.

We are currently running a discount promotion on both basic web design and professional web design services, because we are just starting out the web design service to local business.

Try us out now if you are interested in the services. We are opening 7 days a week, and hours are very flexible. They will not have any conflict with your normal business hours.

Following are reasons why we are claiming the statement:

  1. We are a startup company
  2. We do not have excess overhead costs
  3. We are in Queens, but most of time, we are operating online

How to Choose a Web Design Agency in New York


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