Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter Anymore

//Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter Anymore

PR (PageRank) is basically a number that Google is using to determine how authority of a website has. PR is ranged between 0 to 9; the more authority of a website has, they higher the number it will have.

Now, in general, it is easier to get a PR 1 to PR4 website, as oppose to obtain a PR 5 to PR9 website. Similarly, it is easy to improve your PR 1 website to PR2 than improve your PR7 website to PR8.

To be absolutely frank, when it comes to ranking in the search results, I believe Google search engine algorithms automatically gives PR5+ a plus 1 point when come to its SERP.

So why do I say PageRank doesn’t matter anymore? Well, I claimed that it is because the current PR of every website is not accurate. Google used to update PR of every website at least once every three months, but not anymore. On Oct 6, 2013, Matt Cutts tweeted he would be surprised is there is another PR update before 2014. He basically implied there will be a very slight chance there will be another PR update in 2014.

Now it is September 2014 already, there is still no update on PR, which might means Google has weighted less on PR number. Of course, there is a rumor that is flying around saying PR is updating everyday, it is just not showing anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I also believe that, but in this article, I only talk about the current PR as a number that is showing, which I think they are all outdated.


Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter Anymore

1. Domain Purchase

If you are ever in internet marketing, you should know domain bidding is a very hot business, at least it used to be. For few hundred bucks, if you are lucky, you can easily obtain a PR5+ domain. Now, don’t you dare to think Google doesn’t know about it. Google hates such manipulation, so it is very reasonable that Google stops heavily relying on PageRank.

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2. Website Flipper

Website flipping is a very hot business as well. Basically, an internet marketing would build up a website, and then grow PR on it, and finally sell it for profit. Now, there is nothing wrong about doing it, but Google just doesn’t like it.

3. Search Results

It used to be if you have higher PR, any of your post or page will be ranked higher. However, that doesn’t be the case anymore. Now, if you type any keyword phrase in the search box, you will notice a lot of low PR’s pages are ranked higher than those with high PR websites. Therefore, it is reasonable to say Google weights PR less and less.

4. Paid Advertising

If you have money to spend on Adwords, your website page will be easily be show in the top spot. If Google weights PR a lot, it will not do it. Well, you can’t blame Google, they need to make money as well. After all, 95% of Google Revenue is from Adwords.

5. PR Update

Now, this has been mentioned above. PR has be updating very slowly if not at all anymore. If Google cares about PR, it will update websites’ PR more regularly, which is not the case anymore.


Now, a lot of people might disagree; that is fine, but one thing that is for certain: Google has updated its algorithms to better user’s experience. Relevant and helpful content is still the most important factor when it comes to Google search ranking. It is good to have high PR domain, but having a high PR domain doesn’t guarantee your success, you need traffic, and what works better to drive traffic than relevant and useful content?  As always, if you have any opinion on the PR, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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