Will the New Pirate Update Stop Piracy

//Will the New Pirate Update Stop Piracy

Will the New Pirate Update Stop Piracy

It’s been almost over 2 years since Google first released the Pirate Update 1 that was programmed to fight piracy, and penalized sites that have copyright materials, such as movies. Apparently, that was not enough. A lot of media companies have accused Google hasn’t done enough to fight the piracy, which made them lost billions potential revenues.

Now, in order to respond to that, Google announced the release the Pirate Update 2 this week, which will be taking into effect next week.new pirate upate

For those who are not familiar with the Pirate Update, the system basically is the same as Penguin update and Panda update. It is a filter system that Google uses to catch those “bad” sites and then punish them, either by downgrading them or de-index them.

So how this new system works? well, the new system is based on number of valid DMCA requests. The more DMCA requests a site received, the more harsh punishment that site will receive. You can check the number here.

As we can see, sites such as  rapidgator, filestube and 4shared are receiving most complains. Logically speaking, their organic traffic will suffer in coming weeks.

The update will also likely punish sites with domains names that contain words such as torrent, free movies, etc. In sum, the update will have a major impact in the torrent community.

piracy update googleGoogle also utilizes Google Adwords to fight piracy, so that whenever a user searches for piracy related keyword phrases, legal movies ads will show up. However, Google also indicates that in order for this to fully take into effect, publishers need to do their works as well. That it is spending more money on Adword campaigns. We can’t blame Google for this; after all, most Google revenues’ are from Google Adwords.

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Now, here comes the question: Will the New Pirate Update Stop Piracy once and for all? My answer is NO.

Let say John wants to watch free movie online, so he goes to Google and type the search terms. After he hit the search button, all he sees are all those non free movies. Next, he will try different combination keyword phrases, such as add yahoo answer after search term: “free online movies yahoo answer” . It might take time, but eventually he will find a pirate site to watch free movies.

The truth of matter is that we are living in social crowd, everything is connected, you can’t expect such update will stop people from pirating or searching for pirate materials by hiding them from search results. A lot of websites are all users based generated content, so asking questions and referring websites are very common. It all comes down people’s ethic. If a person truly just want to watch free movies online, then he or she will find it. If a person wants to watch paid movies, then he or she will pay for it.

No one can really stop piracy, not laws, not Government, sure not Google. Unless, internet extincts and a piece of law passes that saying no one can use internet anymore, but that is not possible.

What do you think? do you think the new Pirate Update will stop piracy in anyway?  Will it stop people from pirating and searching for pirate material? Please feel free to leave a comment below, and let us know.

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